Turn on night light to sleep easily cause child precocious sex?

A: There is no relevant basis ‍

Precocious puberty is divided into central and peripheral sex, peripheral sex is caused by excessive endogenous or exogenous sex hormones, and central sex precocious puberty, in addition to some intracranial tumors or lesions caused by the rest of the basic idiopathic precocious puberty, that is, the cause of precocious puberty is not clear.

Light during sleep affects melatonin production, but there is no reliable evidence that reduced melatonin production leads to early puberty in children, and while some studies have shown that periodic changes in light can affect sexual maturity in seasonally bred animals, the results have been inconsistent.

However, there are very few studies on the correlation between melatonin use and human sexual development time. Only a few small sample studies with incomplete tracking and poor measurement of development time are not enough to draw conclusions. At present, there is also no reliable evidence to draw conclusions about the influence of light exposure on human sexual development time [1].

Of course, just because there’s no solid evidence that melatonin causes precocious puberty doesn’t mean kids don’t sleep with the light off. Light may still affect your quality of sleep, and therefore your overall health.

Therefore, for the night light, can not turn on as far as possible not to turn on, in addition to may affect a little sleep quality, other do not worry, not to worry about precocious puberty.