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Recombinant Human Growth Hormone ( rhGH ) for injection
Somatropin ( rDNA origin ) Amino Acid 191
10iu x 10 vials 100iu Kit




One vial has 10iu white powder, which is the Angtropin. The powder may appear being of smaller particles or may look caked, which is normal for the growth hormones.


Based on the illness being treated, daily dosage will vary between 0.005 mg per kilogram of the body weight to 0.06 mg per kilogram of the body weight. Recommendations are that; the dosage should be used starting from the lower one, and slowly increased to the targeted dosage. The dosage should only be taken as instructed by your physician and not for any other personal intended purpose.

Drug reactions with other treatments.

When under another different dosage, you should not engage in use of this medication to avoid drug reactions, or decrease in the power of drug to treat the intended illness. Consult your Doctor first for directions of use under such

circumstances before commencing Angtropin use. More so, individuals who are suffering from diabetes must see the Doctors to be determined whether the drug may affect insulin requirements.


Keep records of your previous doses if by any chance you were using Angtropin medication. If you are suffering from diabetes, or you are under insulin use or you are using any form of diabetic products, medicines that lower blood sugar level in the body, make sure you are closely monitoring the glucose level in the bloods since the growth hormone might change the body’s response to insulin.


It is a recommendation to keep Angtropin at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. You should not
freeze the medicine since this medicine is known to be very stable at ordinary room temperature, but you may still refrigerate it if advised by your physician.

At no point should Angtropin be kept on a place receiving direct sunlight since it may reduce its treating power. After the process of dilution, Angtropin must be refrigerated.

Angtropin must be used within 72 hours if diluted with sterile water.

When this medicine is diluted using water that is bacteriostatic, it may be used after a period of more than 10 days.

From the above well-explained information concerning Angtropin medication, it is advisable not to use the drug without the Doctor’s approval and directions, since it is only under the Doctor’s prescription which is; the direction that is usually written for how and when the drug given is to be used by the patient, is when the drug use will work effectively.

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136 reviews for Buy HGH Angtropin Online For Sale

  1. flatfoot

    This has increase my energy level and has help with no more muscle loss.

  2. Jose

    Good product

  3. JF

    Definitely helped with workout recovery!

  4. Dustin P.

    easy to use and quite effective

  5. jlk

    This is an excellent product for somebody that needs it

  6. jovita bonsiepe

    Great Product

  7. Dana


  8. Flip Flop Life

    Five Stars

  9. MaksMom&Dad

    It works.

  10. Chick Norris

    Give it a chance.

  11. happy grandma

    Great product , worth the money for its effectiveness

  12. Kata

    Great product!

  13. Evelina Ivanova

    I am thankful.

  14. Gilgamesh

    great product. shipped fast

  15. Hanna E. Conrad


  16. Champagne

    Great Seller and Fast Shipping………..

  17. Danielle

    Bought angtropin for my teenage son that wants to be taller but also likes to watch his weight. he’s already grown 1 inch and we are only on the first box!

  18. AM

    My son just started these hghs. It hasn’t been long but it seems to work. He’s grown 2 cm during this summer. Of course he’s playing soccer too but it really seems to work.

  19. McKenna

    Stronger than usual.

  20. Grace

    Good Product

  21. M. J. S.

    I think it’s helping our 9.5 year old grow a little faster—we measured her after a month of taking it and she’s grown almost a 1/2 inch. She’s a slooooooow grower, and at one point stopped growing for about 8 months, so 1/2 an inch in a month is a big deal. Going to try it with the 6 year old and see if it helps him.

  22. Sandeep Patel

    This is a good product. My kids take it and it is too early to detect height growth, but will update this review. So far so good.

  23. Shantae McClure

    Height growth

  24. Tim

    Legit!!!! Worth it!!!

  25. M

    I had just started to use it for about a week. Then a Hurricane hit. With the gym being closed and catching up on work I didn t really get back in the gym for about two weeks. I have been using it again for about two weeks now. It definitely helps with recovery and soreness. I am starting to see a little change but I expect I will really see results in the next two to three weeks

  26. Mike

    Freaking INSANE! I ve used many post workout products and what better recovery than this one! I can feel my muscle density remaining even on my non workout days, when I go back into the gym I perform better because I ve had a better recovery. The biggest thing this has done for me though is it helps get rid of muscle soreness faster and more effectively. I m someone that can be sore for a whole week, this breaks it down to being sore only the next day. Idk how that s working scientifically but it is. Customer for life now.

  27. TheJordanBrooks

    Good product I’ve gained about 5lbs since trying this and that’s a good thing cause I lost muscle weight when I got out of the military. The only thing is this does kinda give me a perk

  28. Chris Does Things

    Awesome product!!!

  29. ellsea

    If you need this to boost for working out or loosing weight, these are for you.

  30. Bob S.

    Great Product!

  31. William Jones

    5 stars Solid

  32. Andy Penick

    Very impressed

  33. John M.


  34. Thomas N. Mackinson



    This product is worth every penny! To say I was skeptical, would be an understatement, but I’m very happy with my purchase. After about 2 weeks, I noticed a slimmer waist line, more strength and a more muscular appearance. Due to new job and schedule change, I wasn’t able to train as consistently as I’d like, but I was still quite pleased.

  36. scott

    Real Results

  37. osvaldo v gonzalez

    You get what you pay for!

  38. Tq2783

    Great quality product which did seem to give me more strength and intense pumps.

  39. Jeremy L

    All around excellent product

  40. StaceyNO

    Good stuff

  41. Turbeau

    Great Gains with angtropin

  42. Joe

    Awesomeness in a hgh!

  43. Kenneth VanderKodde

    I have a muscle disorder and it s very hard for me to gain muscle because of it and the angtropin has helped me regain a a a significant amount of muscle. It s the best product

  44. Keith T.

    Good stuff

  45. Wolfy

    Everything takes time. You gotta give this product time, combine it with hard work you’ll see results . I stack angtropin for the tiny waist line baby lol.

  46. FOG

    I’ve only been on this for about three weeks and I can see some growth in the muscle on my arms and other parts of my body, and I missed taking it a few days, so it’s working great for me

  47. Scott Bower

    This product has completely changed my workout game for the better. I was amazed by what it has done for me in the 2 months that I have been using it. it gives you stamina and really has a nice boost of energy that doesn’t leave you all jittery. angtropin is definitely the best part

  48. MK1 Murica

    Great results!

  49. Bo

    I started using this product a little over a month ago. I noticed in my first workout that I had more energy and was able to get more reps in. I could see an increase in muscle size within the first 2 weeks. And now after a month, I have experienced gains

  50. Meghan Elizabeth

    Try this, You won’t regret it

  51. M. Ward

    I love it , angtropin has given me so much extra push and strength in the gym. I feel like I don’t burn out as quickly as I used to which helps me push harder to build more muscle .

  52. cece a

    This product really work, finaly i can see my muscle growing guys u need to try this product do the magic the i was looking

  53. Saxdaddy

    Works so well!

  54. Suzanne C.

    Must try!

  55. wmw1968

    It works very well. No side effects and I am not sore at all after the workout. Seems like I have more energy during the workout.

  56. Derri Williams


  57. Nelson

    This product is effective and worth every penny. I have noticed substantial progress since I began using it. I have cut out other products as angtropin is exactly what I have been looking for.

  58. Jarrod Bryan

    Endurance, no soreness

  59. Kylo

    Love the product I feel a major difference in my stamina and pump at the gym. Most importantly
    My body recovers much faster and can workout each body part intensely twice a week.

  60. Clifford Lassahn

    Much better than any supplement I have taken before.

  61. Ronnie Ewing

    More energy faster recovery

  62. Carol Tikka3

    My go to supplement. I have quickly noticed much more endurance and strength. As a endurance runner and cross fitter this is a no brainer to keep using. This is well worth the money if your looking to push your limits to new gains

  63. Dave

    I decided to try this supplement because I heard only good comments about this

  64. Westsoc

    Have been taking this for about a week now…. have been working out and loosing weight since May…. to date approx 60lbs… after about a week,notice something, actually notice alot of things…energy,focus,libido.. (66 years old).. just a general incredible more alert, well being feeling…

  65. Vicki

    This is a great product, customer service is fantastic, very fast response to inquiries. I highly recommend and will order from this company again.

  66. KC

    I feel VERY different at the gym. There is a significant difference in strength, aggression, and endurance. I m not lying when I tell you I feel 10 years younger in the gym. I just hit 30 and I haven t felt myself lifting like this in a long time.

  67. Jeff G.

    Solid product and proven higher test levels

  68. jackbnimble

    This is one of the few hgh I use. I play lots of different sports, and I use this to provide more oxygen into my system without the high heart rate. Plus, I’m not all ‘smacks’ afterwards. When it has run its course, there’s no crash and I can sleep without any problems or lucid dreams.
    I feel like they got this one right.

  69. Nikolas T.

    I feel so awesome! My whole life I’ve suffered from depression

  70. Brooke R

    I can see a difference in my muscle growth

  71. Nastaran shafiinoori

    I was looking for HGH products and I found this. Read the review and wanted to give it a try . I’m glad I did. As it has mentioned in many reviews, I didn’t feel any difference in the first week. And then I notice I am much stronger than I used to be, I am more alert and I have so much more energy !!!!
    Too soon for other updates but we’ll keep taking this product.
    Love it

  72. Marla

    I’ve been taking this since it arrived and the result are good, I can even say great. I was struggling with fatigue for weeks and somehow, this gave me more energy than my previous supplement. It works and surprisingly very well than expected plus it’s showing on my skin too — well says my wife. I’d buy another box and yes, I’m satisfied enough to buy another one.

  73. Bill

    Only time will yell

  74. Anthony

    Love them.

  75. toddoncom

    Great product!! Will buy again, when the time comes.

  76. omar garcia

    Angtropin is highly recommend I had good results in muscle size and energy in and out of the gym thanks for this product.

  77. nebin333

    Five Stars

  78. George Parry

    I have added a subscription to this product, it has made a difference for me. I am about 10 days into the hgh and I have noticed that I feel more energized in the gym, it has helped raise my stamina and my libido has greatly increased…. I will be continually using this product from this seller. Very fast shipping and great customer service from this company.

  79. Larry Larose


  80. C.Sharp

    I was feeling a lack of motivation and now I’m on point! Must have boosted my testosterone level or something.

  81. Zac Taylor

    Trouble losing weight while also putting on muscle, took this and it helped

  82. April Kwan

    Works wonders

  83. Jamr


  84. Jack Y

    Excellent product!

  85. Robert

    My energy levels are way up, Im more focused, and workouts are intense.

  86. Fortynslow

    Ok, so I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and promised myself I would write a review. I am a 51 year old male and purchased this for two reasons. First lack of energy/empty feeling and second, lack of sex drive. I have been using the product for around 16 days. I don’t use a lot of supplements et al. but I figured, if this stuff is banned in professional sports, it must do something.

    What have I noticed? The most remarkable think was improvement in muscle healing after exercise. I run around 25 miles per week and I have been getting to the point where my legs were continuously fatigued. The day after I started taking this, I noticed a great improvement. Second, empty feeling, lethargy-I would say an 80%-90% improvement. I have been more productive at work, and have just felt generally better overall. Next, sex drive. Here I would say I have experienced a 35%-45% improvement. It did not take me back to 20, but it did take me back to 40. I am having better orgasms, more often. I have gone from probably once per week to every other day, so I’ll take that! these effects took a day or two to kick in. So, there you have it, one more data point. I am sold.

  87. JRobert

    It really works

  88. kevin whitworth

    I feel it’s great for my body

  89. JaBe

    Good product

  90. bradley lail

    This product is a great product to lose weight and crush hunger. I suggest it to all.

  91. Marlon WB

    Good product

  92. Kristopher Nason

    This has really changed my mood, it made me more energetic.

  93. ian

    Great price and shipping – already noticing energy gains and increased libido! A+

  94. geoffrey stricker

    I feel and look much better since I started taking ANGTROPIN

  95. RumbaGuy

    awesome hgh

  96. kirk

    My waist is getting tighter and leaner. My energy is up the roof!!

  97. Brett

    Great Product

  98. Alberto

    its a amazing product getting alot of strength and losing body fat with this product. angtropin is a legit brand!

  99. Todd

    Loving it

  100. Patrick O’Deay

    Great product! More energy and clearer head!

  101. Dennis Hirstius


  102. Kenneth

    Prisuct is really good

  103. Hagan

    Love it.

  104. steve asprelli

    I’m in my 40s I feel great ,energy and that boost at the gym this is the best product line in my opinion really works 4 me.

  105. Matthew Hansen

    Give it a try!

  106. RLargoza

    I love this product because it really works

  107. Maurito A. Landrito

    Excellent product.

  108. David M.

    Must have

  109. David Evans

    Five Stars

  110. D. Tolliver

    Affordable and good pump…great product for the money

  111. Johnny

    I feel so much more pumped and I can push a little bit longer than usual.

  112. M. Justin Wondolowski

    Positive results

  113. K Red

    This product helps my workout and recovery! I highly recommend it.

  114. Brendan Grech

    Fantastic product. Been using for a few months now. Definitely showed great progress.

  115. Judy

    Works Great, Buy now!

  116. Amado Puentes

    I’m 5’5 and I’m trying to grow a foot by October.

  117. Joe Ruszczyk

    Definitely can tell difference in my workouts & my body. Gaining muscle & feel stronger.

  118. Jack W. Mills

    Product works for that extra boost in the gym. It’s not crazy, but definitely helps.

  119. David henszey

    Great product that actually helps. First real difference in a product in a long time.

  120. Falcon

    My first time purchasing this product I noticed an increase in strength and less soreness. This is now my second time taking it and have lost weight and maintained strength

  121. Cheryl Sanders

    Great product


    Great for sleep and recovery

  123. Sean

    it helps me to get more restful sleep and recover faster.

  124. Dave Simmons

    I feel more awake and energized when I take it throughout the week.

  125. Christopher Fraga

    I use this product for overnight recovery after a good workout and it works great. I woke up feeling well rested with no muscle soreness.

  126. Brian Dunning

    Helps workout endurance

  127. Danielle

    good quality

  128. KR

    no side effects but great difference after a week, definitely seen improvement

  129. Tom Fitzpatrick

    Energy and endurance increased as well as muscle

  130. Dr. Drake Duntov

    angtropin has definitely delivered energy and power to my workouts. I feel great!

  131. jamesbtex

    purchased the product to put on muscle mass, so far it is working great

  132. Delroy Tripps

    Boost stamina and helps muscles

  133. Shahada

    Better then i expected buying again

  134. tami christian

    So far so good

  135. John

    it has a good impact on recovery of muscles.

  136. Duane Straws

    Is really helping me to lean out. Also noticing an increase in strength.

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