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Genevatropin is an HGH supplement used to promote muscle growth, improve growth and development, and slow down the aging process. HGH production declines with age, leading to health issues, making HGH supplements popular. Genevatropin promotes muscle growth and development, improves growth and development in HGH-deficient people, and potentially has anti-aging benefits.



Genevatropin is a synthetic form of the human growth hormone (GH) commonly used to treat growth hormone deficiency. The hormone is essential for proper growth, development, and metabolism in the body. Genevatropin is a recombinant, non-naturally occurring human growth hormone/somatropin that is similar to the body’s own growth hormone. It is used as a replacement therapy in individuals with marked GH deficiency.

Genevatropin comes in the form of a sterile lyophilized powder for injection, containing somatropin, lactose monohydrate, glycine, and mannitol as excipients.

Genevatropin is used to treat growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in children and adults. It is also used in the treatment of short stature associated with Turner syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency, Noonan syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome. Adults with GH deficiency may also benefit from treatment with Genevatropin, as it improves body composition, reduces fat mass, and increases lean body mass, bone density, and quality of life.

Usage and Dosage:
Genevatropin is usually administered via injection under the skin (subcutaneously). The dosage and duration of treatment are determined by the physician for each individual depending on their age, weight, and severity of GHD. In children with GH deficiency, the recommended dose is 0.025-0.035 mg/kg/day, given 6-7 times per week. The duration of treatment may range from several months to several years. In adults with GH deficiency, the recommended dose is 0.15-0.30 mg/day, given as a single injection. The duration of treatment may range from several months to several years.

Storage Conditions:
Genevatropin should be kept in the refrigerator between 2°C-8°C (35°F-46°F). Avoid freezing or shaking the solution. Once reconstituted, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. Do not use the solution after the expiration date.

Mechanism of action:
Genevatropin binds to specific receptors on cell membranes and stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in the liver. IGF-1 promotes growth in various tissues by stimulating cell division, differentiation, and proliferation. It also promotes the utilization of fat for energy, increases protein synthesis, and facilitates the growth and repair of bone, muscle, and other tissues.

Genevatropin is contraindicated for use in individuals who are hypersensitive to somatropin or any of its excipients. It should not be used in patients with active cancer, including leukemia, or individuals who have finished cancer treatment less than one year ago. It should not be used in patients with diabetic retinopathy, closed epiphyses, or severe obesity. Genevatropin should not be used in pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

Administration of Genevatropin may affect glucose tolerance, and patients taking insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents may require dose adjustments. Concurrent use of corticosteroids or sex steroids may interfere with the action of Genevatropin. Genevatropin may also increase the clearance of drugs metabolized by the liver, such as cyclosporine.

Side Effects:
The side effects of Genevatropin are usually mild and transient and may include headache, fatigue, edema, joint pain, muscle pain, and flu-like symptoms. Rare but severe side effects may include intracranial hypertension (pressure in the brain), hypersensitivity, and pancreatitis. Prolonged use of high doses of Genevatropin may also increase the risk of developing diabetes, acromegaly (enlarged bones and body tissues), or other neoplastic diseases. Therapeutic use of Genevatropin by children may also affect normal growth and development.

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  1. JR22

    I have tried other products in the past and haven’t found the gains or recovery. this seems to really well. It took a couple of days but then I really started to see gains. I’ll keep using this product.

  2. Maxwell Bloeser

    The product is a fantastic product. They allow for quicker recoveries and stronger performance. I recommend!

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    I been using this product to maintain energy and recover faster. I been seeing slight increase in strength where I’d normally feel the stress, so I increase the weight each time.

  4. Malcolm

    Saw results with weight training. You have to put some stress on your muscles to maximize results

  5. Nathaniel

    To regain my energy and so far it seems working. Looking forward to keep having a good result on this.

  6. Charles J.

    Just started taking but I feel stronger. Coming back to the gym Post-COVID

  7. Neil

    I’ve been working out naturally (not enhanced) for about 4 year’s. Have never really used supplements besides maybe protein powder and creatine. So I’m excited to add genevatropin to my daily regime.

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    Strength went up noticeably (3 extra reps of 225 LB bench) and no negative side effects.

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    This product gives me more energy than other products that I have previously tried

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    I notice better Hormone Balance for my self, More energy and Better SEX and Sex drive.

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    I bought this for my little brother who used to be very unconfident about his height. Now everything seems to be changed positively as he gets taller after 6 months of use. He is happier and ready to join school basketball team.

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    My daughter has been using this products for around 2 months and I can start seeing results, she looks more thinner and taller. I will continue buying it as this product is helping her with their teen development. Thanks

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    After using this for 3 months, I grew 2 inches, amazing!!! Definitely will continue to use this

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    I am still taking the hgh with no problem and will be taking more. Noticed a little result.

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    Fantastic Stuff

  34. Endothrow

    it was a boost to my workout and was great after a hard workout to get me ready for the next day

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    I seen great improvements with this product. I gained lean muscle and my energy level improved. I am looking forward to using it again.

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    Original product. Difference starts appearing after 3-4 days of taking as per instructions. Recovery is faster.

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  55. Marcus

    This is probably one of the ONLY hgh I’ve ever purchased that has actually worked for me. I believe the main benefit for me is a reduction of stress hormone. I’ve lost over 20#’s with diet only. My doctor recommended I use hgh, and after trying a couple of different brands, I can say this is the one that works for me.

  56. IslandWitt

    No side effects and boost my energy.

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    I have just purchased an additional genevatropin it promotes muscle and male good feeling.

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    I have used hgh for years. I started using genevatropin about a week ago. I find it gives me more energy, I sleep better and generally get more done during the day. I cycle my use of hgh to keep it affective. I am 63, and find that it does help.

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    Great product and great results.

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    Amazing product. I highly recommend genevatropin

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    Great for upping your lagging testosterone.

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    Recently started taking, hoping to see the results on the mid section. Will update. I do want to share that I’ve been purchasing multiple products from this company for a couple years now and their Customer Service and follow-up are top notch! Thank you !

  71. Jeffery W. Donelson

    Great product for boosting DHEA levels

  72. Christopher Walker

    Have only had it for a short while, so I can not attest to the long term benefits, but I am feeling good and haven’t changed anything in my routine except for adding this product. I also feel it is a good value. I will add more to my review in a few months 🙂

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    Outstanding product! Energy levels have increased and I cannot say enough about your superior customer service! Thanks again!!

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    Energy Booster!

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    this was a new one I added to the supplement list.

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    I’ve been using this supplement for about a week now. I’ve noticed increased energy levels throughout the day and even in the evening after work. I am able to push through my workouts in the evening. I have noticed shorter muscle recovery times.

  78. CRECK

    I’ve tried multiple products to gain mass and strength. Some have worked and failed but genevatropin started working for me the first day! Even if you have a busy schedule and don’t always work out, taking this supplement as a part of your daily routine will go a long way and you’ll notice the difference the next time you decide to hit the gym.

  79. Philip Slocum

    This is a great product if your looking to maintain healthy hormone levels

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    I’ve been taking GENEVATROPIN for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my energy levels,as well as an increased fat loss and all around leaner body. I highly recommend this product for people of any level. whether your a gym addict, such as myself, or someone who just wants a boost of energy, or to trim down those he’d to hit areas

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    I have to buy it each month or when I have to Refill.

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    This product gave me energy in the gym and in the bedroom. No after issues at all!

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    Best supplement I have ever taken that helped with recovery ..

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    Used almost three weeks, huge size gain, and significant endurance gain. Also, my bench press increased from repping 205 to 235. Also good increase in leg press and deadlift. No adverse side effects noticed.

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