Money Back Guarantee

We offer a Money Back guarantee for any orders that are not delivered within two weeks of dispatch. The following terms and conditions apply.

  • Money Back guarantee is only available for all countries.
  • The two weeks is measured from the time of dispatch (not from the time of ordering) until the first attempted delivery.
  • The Money Back guarantee does not include delays due to the customer not collecting the package or arranging re-delivery.
  • The Money Back guarantee does not include delays due to US customs.
  • Customers must contact rhghspace.COM to check they qualify for the guarantee and must follow the order rejection procedure that will be outlined. If you choose to accept the medications upon delivery, you waive the right to claim the guarantee.
  • The Money Back guarantee does not include if your prescription not real, fake etc. , and if there is wrong information as doctor name, adress, phone number etc.
  • We are working with DHL and UPS, if you do not take your drugs with signature, money back guarantee will not work.
  • Within 3-4 working days of depositing your money, your drugs will be shipped via DHL or UPS and the product tracking code will be e-mailed to you. Otherwise, you can use the money back guarantee system.
  • All of your medications are sent insured via DHL or UPS. Uninsured product can never be sent.
  • If your prescription is incorrectly edited, fake, or if the date of the prescription is older than 2 months, it is not covered by the money back guarantee.
  • Our area of ​​responsibility is to quickly deliver your medicines to your country’s customs. Customs clearance in your country and anything that may occur is beyond our responsibility.
  • If the information given is incorrect; identification, delivery address, doctor name, clinic name, doctor phone number, your phone number, your mail address. In short, the money back guarantee does not work if you provide incorrect information in the form you need to fill out. Please fill in the form correctly.
  • Our responsibility; is to send your medicines to you correctly and at the promised time. Customs clearance of your medicines is out of our area of ​​responsibility. We cannot take responsibility for delays caused by customs clearance. In such cases, the Money Back Guarantee is useless.
  • You can apply for a money back guarantee at any time during the a month.