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Beltropin 100IU is a bio-engineered human growth hormone supplement by Beligas Pharmaceuticals LLC. It naturally boosts growth hormone levels in the body and aids in muscle development, weight management, and recovery from injuries. The supplement also supports the immune system and is available in an injection form and strictly prescribed by a certified medical practitioner.



Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU is a prescription medication that contains synthetic human growth hormone somatropin used to treat growth hormone deficiencies in children, adolescents, and adults. The medication is available in a powder form that is reconstituted with sterile diluent or bacteriostatic water. After injection, Beltropin stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the liver, promoting tissue growth, cell replication, and regeneration in the body.

Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU contains somatropin produced through recombinant DNA technology and inactive ingredients such as mannitol, glycine, disodium phosphate dihydrate, and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate.

Beltropin is used to treat growth hormone deficiencies in patients of all ages. The medication can help promote growth, and regeneration, increase bone density, and muscle mass. Children and adolescents with stunted growth due to inadequate secretion of growth hormone are typically prescribed Beltropin. Adults can also receive Beltropin to treat growth hormone deficiencies caused by medical conditions such as pituitary tumors, chemotherapy, and others.

Usage and Dosage:
Generally, when the Beltropin is prescribed to children to treat growth failure caused by an insufficient supply of Growth Hormone (GH), the dosage is usually based on the child’s weight at a rate of 0.025 to 0.035 mg/kg/day. The daily dose may be divided into equal doses and given subcutaneously (under the skin) once a day. For adults with GH deficiency, the recommended maximum dosage is 0.15mg/kg of body weight per day, divided into two doses. However, the dose may be adjusted based on the patient’s response to treatment.

Storage Conditions:
Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU should be stored in the refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) and protected from light. The medication should not be shaken, frozen, or used after the expiration date. Reconstituted solutions should be used immediately or stored in the refrigerator within 5 days.

Mechanism of Action:
Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU stimulates the liver to secrete insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which helps regulate growth, cellular replication, and regeneration in the body. The hormone promotes protein synthesis, cell division, and tissue renewal in skeletal muscles, bones, and organs, as well as maintains glucose homeostasis.

Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU is contraindicated in patients with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to somatropin or any of the inactive components, malignant tumors, tumors, or acute illnesses. The medication should not be administered to individuals who have had recent surgery, and those with diabetes, hypothyroidism, or an intracranial lesion.

Side Effects:
The common side effects of Beltropin include injection-site redness, irritation, and pain that usually subside after a few days. Other less common side effects include nausea, vomiting, joint pain, and headaches. In rare cases, Beltropin can elevate blood sugar levels, promote fluid retention, and induce pancreatitis. Patients experiencing severe or persistent side effects are advised to seek medical attention.

Beligas HGH Beltropin 100IU is a prescription medication that contains synthetic human growth hormone somatropin, which treats growth hormone deficiency in patients of all ages. The medication stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the liver, promoting growth, regeneration, cell replication, and synthesis. Beltropin is available in a convenient powder form, making it easy to use and administer. Patients should follow the recommended dosage, administration frequency, and storage instructions. Beltropin is only available by prescription and should be administered by a healthcare professional.

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    I felt it has been a helpful addition to my workout supplements that I am already taking

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  4. Dave

    I’m naturally skeptical – this changed my mind

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    If there was a miracle this would be it. I am actually blown away of how good this works and I’m nearing only 2 weeks on it. I feel fantastic, my strength has gone up ridiculously, I am losing extra weight I don’t need and see my body getting leaner by the day. If you stack this with cardio, weights and healthy eating you are going to be blown away. I honestly did not think it would work this good. Highly recommended. I haven’t looked like this in over 4 years. I’m very happy and satisfied.

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  14. Tii

    I have been taking beligas for a little over a week now. I have noticed an increase in strength and I’m able to push more when lifting. Really love the benefit of taking this hgh.

  15. Jenna H. AL

    I really like this product. I’ve built muscle really quickly since starting this hgh. I also eat clean and workout 5x/week so it feels like it’s enhanced the workout. I’d also add that I feel stronger and that has shown in how quick I’m moving up in the weight I can lift.

  16. SerenityGirl

    Great product

  17. Loola

    I have been in fitness both participant & profession for over 38 years (Martial Arts, Yoga, weight-lifting etc)

    I just turned 50.

    I honestly was quite amazed at how much it “picked me up” & allowed me even more to keep up with me 39 years old girlfriend.

    I even wonder if there is a better way to cycle it, or even if this is even necessary.
    Either way, get product that I am recommending to friends & clients during these societal downtimes (covid).

  18. Kasthuri Thiagarajan

    I have been taking it when I work out for about two and a half weeks now and feel like it does give a boost. I have noticed that halfway through my hour workout I feel pumped instead of exhausted. Once it kicks in it feels like I can lift more and workout harder.

  19. Mikel Z. Sigler

    Good height solution for teens nowadays

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    I have two daughters, one is 11 years old and one is 13 years old. They both use this product for a few months. When they started using it, both of my children looked healthy and active. After a few months, their heights began to change. Until now, they have been using this product for 8 months. I really trust this product and will definitely let them continue to use it.

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    I think Beligas is incredible. Within 3 months I was able to see results and gained 1 inch. I am really satisfied with this product and will continue using it in the future.

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    I was always very conscious about my height (5’2) and it affected my overall confidence. I came across and decided to give it a go and I do not regret it at all! I have gained 2 inches in the past 3 months that I have been using it and I will continue to use it in the many more months to come! I highly recommend this product to everyone!

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    This product is absolutely amazing. Very easy to take for adults, no bad side effects like some other supplements I’ve tried before and grown at least 1 inch. An all-round hgh.

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    I’ve had decent results in regards to muscle building recovery

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    This really seemed to make a difference. I know my body well and I just didn t feel wrecked like I normally do.

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    My gym performance on progressive weight lifting is getting better and better. I am able to increase by 5-10 pds weekly on most exercises.

  38. Gary Rogles

    nice extra muscle

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    Bang for the buck

  40. Vanessa Padilla

    The real deal!

  41. Joshua W.

    Love it! Definitely see a difference in body composition. I’m on my third order!

  42. Isaiah Martinez

    I have gone through a couple boxes of this now and have to say that I really like the product. I do feel that I have gained muscle, lost fat, and have more strength and energy during my workouts. it does seem to work.

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    Good energy boost

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    Recommended for good results

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    So far, so good! Seems to have more energy, which is the main reason I decided to purchase. So it looks like it’s doing it’s job!

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    Testosterone levels were low until I started taking this product and I can tell a big difference in my daily activities abctinnd mood… feel so much better and energized

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    I love this product! from day one, i have noticed significant progression. My workouts are better than ever, I really get a great pump. I’ve noticed that my body fat is going down and my muscle mass has increased. I highly recommend.

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    Low energy levels and diagnosed with low T. This has been very helpful in improving both.

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    I am a mid 40’s construction worker, good shape & health, and started an exercise routine to build muscle.
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    Seems to help with my energy level and mood, I have been taking for several years now. Thank you.

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    Another wonderful product from your company. Great quality and very effective.

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    I may have found what my body has been needing!

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    I just started using this product and think I’ve already lost some belly fat! I’m a slim 40 something year old and I started to notice some fat build up around my waist. I hope this keeps working. I’ll update down the road. Great customer service by the way!

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    I was so low on energy am d couldn’t sleep. This is with that. I feel much better especially with menopausal issues.

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    Great product

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    This product is amazing! I’ve been using it right before I go to bed as I feel that’s the best time for my body to repair & absorb nutrients & vitamins. Its only been 2 weeks but I can see & feel a difference, I’m getting stronger & my joints are feeling great!

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    I got these for my son to help him grow a little more. He is playing football and I want him to be at his best. We really like these and they work.

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    My son is 16. We just start to use this less a month, and we already saw half inch growth less a month. Expect to continue for much longer time.

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    These work great and after about a month and a half I’ve definitely grown.

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    This hgh is working very rapidly and I am experiencing strong bones but I also got that it must be intake regularly for more then 6 months. I am truly satisfied with this hgh.

  102. Jasbir

    0n it for a month only and I can see the change in height definitely. Very positive response from the kid. Will definitely try for few more months.

  103. Trenton Bennett

    Great for your health ❤️

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    Excellent for building muscle

  105. Bob Taylor

    Enhanced Motivation To Excel

  106. Justin

    It’s also makes me feel as if my breathing is better, feel like more oxygen I can in between sets. Also after a week of taking it , it builds up so much seminal fluid and works even better for sex. Massive erections and vascularity you will notice.

  107. Brandon Uitdeflesch

    More energy, losing weight

  108. ssj4crono

    it gives me the endurance to power through my exercises. I get better workouts, extra reps, and I feel stronger throughout my routine. Im not a pro body builder, just trying to get/ stay reasonably fit. I tried other products, but this is by far, the best I’ve tried.

  109. ReviewedIt

    Great product!!! Have been using for 3 months.

  110. Joshua Hare

    I definitely notice a boost when I lift weights or go on a run. Over all I believe it’s helped my performance.

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