These 5 types of people are more likely to get tumors than others!

  1. Patients with bulla emphysema

Especially emphysema caused by smoking, the probability of lung cancer is more than twice that of normal people, and once the tumor appears, it usually grows faster than ordinary people, it is very important to maintain a ct physical examination at least once a year, in addition to protect the lung function, if the lung function decline is very serious, sometimes it is difficult to find early lung cancer surgery!

  1. People with Helicobacter pylori infection

Helicobacter pylori is a very clear pathogenic factor for gastric cancer. Patients who are repeatedly infected with Helicobacter pylori have a probability of developing gastric cancer four to five times that of adults. Helicobacter pylori will infect each other among family members, and sometimes family gastric cancer will gather.

  1. Patients with grinding glass nodules

Pulmonary glass grinding nodules or mixed glass grinding nodules have a higher probability of malignancy than solid nodules. About 10%~20% of patients with glass grinding nodules are finally diagnosed as malignant. Patients with ground glass nodules should closely observe the changes of nodules, and surgical resection should be considered if there is an increase, so as not to drag into the late stage!

  1. Chronic hepatitis B patients and carriers

Hepatitis B virus and other viruses are similar, after the infection of cells, will insert their own genetic material into the human cell gene, may lead to gene mutations cause liver cancer!

  1. Patients with HPV infection

HPV refers to human papilloma virus, some high-risk HPV virus can cause cauliflower lesions, a long time has the risk of cancer, is an important cause of cervical cancer and other cancers!

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