Here are five problems you can’t just sit around and watch

Like a subtle and complex music, sex plays an important role in our lives, bringing harmony and beauty to our lives. However, just as there can be some discordant notes in any piece of music, there can be problems in our sex lives that can cause discord or even rupture in our lives. Below, I’ve listed five problems you may encounter in your sex life that I hope you won’t let go of, because they can seriously affect your quality of life and happiness.

First of all, sexual frequency is inconsistent. This is a very common problem. About 30 percent of couples disagree about how often they have sex, according to the study. One partner may expect more frequent sex, while the other may be content with the current frequency. This difference can lead to discontent and conflict between the two sides. In general, it happens to men more than it does to women, partly because sexual desire comes to men earlier than it does to women, and partly because men and women have different roles in marriage, or roles assigned to them.

There is also the problem of a general decline in libido for women who become mothers, and the mismatch between libido flowing and fading in different life stages and circumstances. Therefore, we need to start a conversation about how often we have sex and find a balance that will satisfy both of us.

Secondly, lack of communication about sex life. A study by American sexologist Sean T. Smith found that the vast majority of couples rarely or never have honest conversations about their sex lives. This lack of communication can lead to many problems, including low levels of contentment, doubts and fears, and even sexual dysfunction. Therefore, we need to break the ice and start the conversation about our sex life, which is crucial to improving the quality of our sex life.

Third, there is no orgasm. According to a study by the National Institute for Sexual Health, about 30 percent of women have difficulty or difficulty reaching orgasm during sex. This can have a significant impact on their sexual satisfaction, as well as potentially affecting their mood and self-esteem. So we need a greater understanding of women’s sexual needs, as well as greater access to sex education.

Fourth, lose your passion. This is a problem in almost every long-term relationship. The study found that the excitement and novelty in your sex life may taper off as the relationship lasts. However, passion and freshness are important factors in keeping the relationship alive. Therefore, we need to find ways to rekindle our passion. This may include trying new ways of having sex, changing our environment, etc.

Fifth, performance anxiety. This is a common but often overlooked problem during sex. Many people may feel anxious during sex and worry about whether their performance will satisfy their partner. Research has found that this performance anxiety can lead to sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. So we need to have more conversations about sexual anxiety and help people understand and manage their anxiety.

In general, we need to pay more attention to our sex life and be proactive in dealing with problems that may arise. At the same time, we also need to pay more attention to our sexual health, which is essential for our quality of life and happiness. We need to remember that, as the French writer Michel Foucault said, “Sex is the root of life, the source of life, and we cannot avoid it or ignore it.”

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