Do not panic when the Novel Coronavirus vaccine comes into contact with you during pregnancy, pregnancy or breastfeeding!

The novel Coronavirus vaccine has become our weapon against infection. However, those who are in the special physiological state of preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation will inevitably have some doubts. Can we get novel coronavirus vaccine?

It can be inoculated during pregnancy

Novel Coronavirus vaccine?

Generally speaking, if you are infected with a pathogen after pregnancy, it is possible to bring bad consequences for yourself and your baby. But if you can get the vaccine before you become pregnant, you can certainly reduce the risk of infection. At present, the novel coronavirus vaccines inoculated in China are mainly inactivated virus vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines and recombinant subunit vaccines. All of these three vaccines have only antigenicity but no infectious activity, so it is safe to prepare indirect novel coronavirus vaccines during pregnancy

After the novel Coronavirus vaccine

How long can you get pregnant?

It is important to note that the Current Technical Guide to Novel Coronavirus vaccination does not list women who are pregnant as contraindicated for novel Coronavirus vaccination, nor does it state that there must be an adequate interval of time between vaccination in order to become pregnant. Therefore, we believe that pregnancy can be prepared directly with novel Coronavirus vaccine without delaying pregnancy.

After the Novel Coronavirus vaccine

Just discovered pregnant how to do?

Don’t panic. Currently available follow-up data have not found an increased risk for pregnant mothers and their babies following novel Coronavirus vaccine, and there is no specific way to prevent this risk. Pregnancy can continue as long as the pregnancy is checked and followed up as required by the doctor. For pregnant women who are pregnant only after receiving the first dose of vaccine, they should not be anxious and just postpone the second dose of vaccine.

Can pregnant women receive the Novel Coronavirus vaccine?

Vaccination is not recommended. The novel Coronavirus Vaccine Technical Guide currently lists pregnant women as contraindicated.

Infected with novel Coronavirus after pregnancy

What should I do?

In case of Novel Coronavirus infection, this will need to be referred to the doctor. Pregnant mothers should have confidence, the doctor will certainly take into account the safety of the baby under the premise of ensuring the safety of pregnant mothers, will try to choose harmless or less influential drugs for the baby, pregnant mothers just need to relax, eat, drink, rest, and cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

After novel Coronavirus vaccine in lactating females

Can I continue breastfeeding?

There are currently no clinical data confirming the effect of novel Coronavirus vaccine on babies in lactating women. Therefore, based on the understanding of vaccine safety, lactating women (e.g., medical personnel, etc.) at high risk of novel Coronavirus infection are recommended to be vaccinated. We also know that breastfeeding is very important for the nutrition and health of the baby, so we recommend that breastfeeding women receiving the Novel Coronavirus vaccine continue to breastfeed their baby.

After infection with novel Coronavirus

Can I breastfeed?

Although the presence of Novel Coronavirus in the milk of pregnant women with Novel Coronavirus pneumonia has not yet been detected, due to the limited sample size, caution should be taken. In the absence of medical indications, mothers with suspected or confirmed Novel Coronavirus pneumonia need not suppress lactation in order to continue breastfeeding after recovery. But consider temporarily isolating the mother and baby to avoid close contact with the infected baby.

Novel Coronavirus vaccines for us

Prevention and control of COVID-19

Provides important protection

We need to use the right one

Look at it scientifically

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