2022: Novel Coronavirus is still here, COVID-19 is likely to disappear

Last night, hundreds of meters away from a community came to a number of buses, overnight the entire building of residents transferred to the field concentrated isolation.

As announced this morning, 174 new local cases were reported in Xi ‘an on December 31, exceeding 150 for seven consecutive days. So far, the number of confirmed cases in Xi ‘an has reached 1,451 since December 9.

Many relatives and friends from other provinces have asked me to pay attention to protection in recent days. They have also seen online that it is difficult to buy food in Xi ‘an during the epidemic, so they are concerned about my meals. Thank you

Thanks to the strong sense of hardship of my leadership, the rice, flour, oil and meat at home have been fully prepared. Vegetables also received the love package from Yanta district yesterday, which weighs 20 catties. It is said that this batch of dishes is gansu aid come over, changan South Road Zhuque street this area of the containment of the community are similar.

In contrast, some young migrant workers who are used to take-out meals and small restaurants may face greater difficulties due to lack of preparation or even a stove in their house and should be given more help. But judging from the 100 or 200 young people in my circle of friends, it’s not too serious. At least, not as “very horrible” as some friends in other provinces thought.

Looking at some recent international news reports, omicron virus is rapidly replacing Delta around the world and causing a tsunami of cases in Europe and the United States: 200,000 cases per day in France, 500,000 cases per day in the United States. So, are people in these countries living horrible lives?

Mr. Qiao Mu, who taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University in Shaanxi province, later left the United States. In 2020, his diary of the EPIDEMIC in the United States won much attention. He wrote recently:

Around Christmas, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the United States increased dramatically due to Omicron. The vast majority of those who got the vaccine, regardless of whether they got a booster shot, had mild symptoms that cleared up after three days. … Almost the whole town was vaccinated, and a lot of people were infected, but they all cleared up, just like a common cold.

This new change, in which the vast majority of people heal themselves without crowding out medical institutions, is worth noting because it would have a much smaller impact on the normal functioning of the economy and would not require a lockdown (which is certainly not possible in other countries like China).

So, the latest us statistics show that while novel coronavirus cases (seven-day average) have increased by 181% in the last two weeks, deaths have dropped by 5%, and novel coronavirus deaths are decreasing rapidly (there are still more than 1000 deaths per day on average, almost all of them anti-vindication).

Take another look at xi ‘an. We are still dealing with the more virulent Delta. The 174 new cases reported today on the 31st were all mild cases, followed by 161 cases reported on the 30th and 155 cases reported on the 29th. According to the report on the afternoon of December 31, among all confirmed cases in Xi ‘an, there was no fatal case, 1 case was in critical condition, 5 cases were severe, and the rest were mild or ordinary.

That case is a 90-year-old man in critical condition. I do not know whether he has been vaccinated or has any other diseases. I wish the old man can get through this and recover as soon as possible.

I hope and believe that there will probably be no deaths and most people will recover without serious sequelae. After all, the vaccination rate of adults in Xi ‘an is more than 98%, and the vaccination rate of primary and secondary school students and kindergarten children is also very high. We uphold the concept of “people first, life first” to treat every patient.

And in the future, even if there are more domestic cases caused by people entering the country, they will become omicron, which is less deadly and causes disease. Since omicron is mainly concentrated in the nose and throat and has less impact on the lungs, “Novel Coronavirus remains and COVID-19 disappears” is not out of the question.

At that time, there is absolutely no need to shut down megacities with a population of 10 million, hard quarantine, vaccines, booster shots will allow the majority of patients to recover from mild illness. In addition, the large-scale closure of the city’s secondary harm can not be ignored: enterprises operating difficulties or even bankruptcy, residents’ income sharply reduced or even unemployment, economic and people’s livelihood pressure……

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