The virus that turns people into zombies is still ravaging the planet

In 1967,
An employee of a pharmaceutical factory in Germany
Infected with an unknown virus from a sick lab monkey
After a few weeks
Have a headache, high fever, red eyeballs and other symptoms
And constantly vomiting blood and black matter…..
Shock’s death was followed by a small outbreak:
Thirty-one people were infected, seven of whom died
This is the first time for humans
Face filovirus (Marburg virus)
Doctors in Marburg, where the incident took place
I thought it was the end of the world
A few years later, however,
When its brother, the Ebola virus
As it spread across the African continent
Marburg virus was just discovered
The mildest of them all, September 1976
Northern DRC
Teacher Mablolokla
He was diagnosed with suspected malaria due to high fever
He was taken to a local hospital for injections and unfortunately, he eventually died
At the same time, 55 villages around the outbreak of the same disease
Ninety percent of those infected die suddenly and violently for months
European laboratory staff conducted the investigation and testing
To discover the “murderer” of the village.
It’s a deadly virus
— Zaire Ebola virus
And the teacher, Mablolokla
It was also the first confirmed ebola death
The infection sickened 318 people
280 of them died, with a case fatality rate of 88%
Ebola has been a ghost since Zaire ebola became famous overnight
It erupts every few years
Especially in 2014
The Zaire Ebola outbreak in West Africa
Number of cases and deaths
More than all previous outbreaks combined
(More than 28,000 cases, more than 11,000 deaths) (Source: WHO History of Ebola virus disease)
Ebola is like the eraser of human life
Here’s the scary part
HIV can be finished in 10 days
It takes 10 years and the incubation period is between 2 and 21 days
(Usually only 5 to 10 days)
The first stage of infection as the virus rapidly expands in the body
People can experience high fever, body tremors and even dehydration
Fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, etc
This is often misdiagnosed as the second stage of a common cold fever infection with the virus
Ebola keeps eating
Except skeletal muscle and bone
All your cells and organs become nauseous, vomiting, and diarrhea
This is when the body begins to explode into a purgatory
It usually lasts about 2 weeks
Severe ones don’t last 24 hours
You die of massive bleeding and complications and that’s Ebola
A zombie virus that melts the living
Now internationally
There is no proven cure
Only complementary therapies that improve survival
Such as oral rehydration or intravenous fluids
And treatments for specific symptoms but the good news is
In 2015,
An experimental Ebola vaccine
Success is born
A large clinical trial in Guinea
Only 23 cases were reported among 5,837 people vaccinated with the vaccine (which was also widely used during Congo’s Ebola outbreak in 2018-19), bringing Congo’s 11th Ebola outbreak to a close
Ebola infections do happen now and then
(Mostly African countries)
But there is no longer any sign of a major outbreak
We gasp and rejoice
You should also think: What can you do next
“Enough reverence for nature and wild life
Improve capacity to prevent and control disasters
We will raise the level of scientific research and development
…” Only then, the next time the virus returns
So we don’t have to go back to the abyss

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