You could be infected with both Omicron and Delta!

Although health officials have sounded the alarm about Omicron, the Delta virus remains by far the dominant novel coronavirus strain in the United States. Scientists say it is actually possible to infect both variants at the same time.

“They are different enough for a person to be infected with both,” said Dr.Stephanie Silvera, according to Fox5. On top of that, it’s also flu season, which means a person could be infected with omicron, Delta and the cold virus at the same time, or with one or both of the variants.

▲ (Image from Pixabay)

Worse, when we see the world before the delta virus infected people infected with the virus that the dense gram si, showed the lowest degree of immunity to this new varieties, scientists think may present two main varieties in the world is still very different, enough to cause two different types of epidemic at the same time, rather than Mr Mick Dijon completely replace delta virus.

On average, omicron currently appears to cause less disease in those who get it, especially in vaccinated people, than previous variants, and various combinations of those at risk groups will see more severe cases.

To that end, global health experts are stressing the need for all of us to wear masks, take care of indoor ventilation, get vaccinations and booster shots to reduce the strain on our health systems this winter.

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