Stomachache took painkillers to endure, 47 – year – old patient gastric horn ulcer has become cancerous

“I thought it was a huge ulcer, but I couldn’t believe I had cancer.” After seeing the report, the patient had no expression on his face, but the hand holding the report was shaking. Later, he kept telling his accompanying family members that he didn’t want to be hospitalized, he didn’t want chemotherapy, and he was afraid that the operation would drag down his family if he had to be hospitalized all the time. (Gastroscopic report of the patient)
It is understood that the patient has been smoking and drinking constantly. As early as three years ago, the symptoms of acid reflux in the stomach began to appear repeatedly, and later even accompanied by vomiting and black stool. Every time the symptoms could be relieved after taking medicine, he did not go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment. Two days ago, she was admitted to the hospital due to hematesis. After doing gastroscopy in ICU, she learned that the gastric ulcer had become cancerous. As for the two key points of stomachache, we should not blindly take analgesics and we must pay attention to our living habits. I have been stressing all the time that we hope there will be fewer such delayed patients. It is a pity that they are only over 40 years old.
Why can’t stomachache take analgesic?
A lot of people do not know stomach pains and hurt oneself buy painkillers to eat, when I was in fact a painkiller will directly erosion in gastric acid gastric mucosa, destroy the lipoprotein layers of epithelial cells of gastric mucosa, causing gastric mucosa barrier damage, cause gastritis and peptic ulcer, and painkillers may inhibit the formation of prostaglandins in the body, lose gastric mucosa protection, The acidic digestive fluid in the stomach invades the stomach wall, causing ulcers, erosion, and even perforations. If the person taking the medicine has a stomach problem, taking painkillers will make it worse.
How old do smoking and drinking harm to the stomach?
Some people think that when smoking smoke only passes through the respiratory system, it will only damage the health of the lungs, and other tissues and organs of the body will not be affected. In fact, smoke will also enter the stomach along with the digestive tract, and nicotine directly stimulates the gastric mucosa. In the long run, it is more likely to induce gastric ulcers. There are alcoholic drinks at more than 20 degrees, if drinking more than 100 milliliters per hour, it will directly destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, induce gastric congestion and edema, long-term, serious cases will occur erosion, and even bleeding.
Remind again to protect gastrointestinal health, pay attention to develop a good living habits. When stomachache, it is best to do a gastroscope, find out the cause of symptomatic treatment, do not blindly use drugs, to avoid greater harm to the stomach. |

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