The coronavirus vaccine is not the only competition

As the world power, the United States has in recent years wantonly suppressed countries that it considers to be a threat to it, including Russia, which has been one of the targets of the Western camp. In addition, China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has made the United States and other Western countries envious. And this has become one of the main reasons for the United States to suppress China.

China presents itself as a great power
During the epidemic period, China was the first country to recover from the epidemic. At the same time, it continued to assist other countries in the epidemic prevention and control, which can be said to be a good demonstration of China’s great power style and, to a certain extent, further deepen China’s influence in the world.

The United States wants to further consolidate its position by suppressing China. In fact, this move itself is wrong. Until now, the United States still pursues hegemonism and tries to continue to follow this hegemonism path in this multi-polar world. However, many countries have expressed their anger towards the United States, and the hegemonism of the United States is no longer appropriate.

US executives are alarmed
During the epidemic period, after China successfully developed the novel coronavirus, it not only met its own needs, but also made relevant donations to other countries without vaccine production capacity, in order to make contributions to the world’s anti-epidemic achievements. In addition, China’s production of epidemic prevention equipment can be said to have seen an explosive growth, in which masks, as the main protective equipment, are produced in large quantities in China, and have been recognized by the people of the world. Chinese masks are of high quality and low price, and American people are very fond of Chinese masks.

In the United States, by contrast, after the vaccine was developed, donations were meagre, even meagre. On top of that, face masks made by American face mask suppliers cost 10 times more than those made in China. Meanwhile, Premium-PPE, a mask maker in the US, saw its workforce plummet when no masks were being sold. No one wants to buy its expensive masks, and its executives say they will never sell them for less than a cent, a sign of their desperation.

Biden did not think that the novel coronavirus vaccine is not the only one, and the senior executives of the US companies were anxious before the Chinese side made the offer. In addition, they want the U.S. government to purchase their stockpiled stock to ease the current plight of U.S. mask suppliers. But in fact, whether it’s vaccines or face masks, China is already doing a pretty good job.

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