A summary of the causes of heart disease

A lot of people ask me, Dr. Shi, what’s causing my heart attack?
In fact, all heart disease is caused by a similar number of causes, so let me set the stage for this.

Let’s try a different way of thinking and use a metaphor, and you’ll see what’s going on!
What makes you feel so stressed when you enter the society?
Do you have this feeling, since leaving the campus to enter the society, the pressure is more and more, even to suffocate, and the source of this pressure has many aspects.
On its own, stress may be a result of a person’s innate lack of ability, an inefficient way of working, or not getting enough rest, or even a lack of food or nutrition throughout the day.
In addition to your own factors, there are some external factors, such as pressure from your supervisor, who gives you too high performance targets;
Family conflicts may also cause stress;
Your pig teammates at work can’t help you.
Hidden malicious competitors or even saboteurs may be deliberately planted or unfairly treated;
Also, the whole environment is not so friendly.
All of these pressures are exhausting and exhausting.
If you feel this way, you have empathy for understanding what causes heart failure.

The first major cause of heart failure is the heart itself, the heart includes myocardium, valves, coronary vessels and four components of the heart conduction bundle, if the heart itself is born with problems, whether it is hypertrophic, dilated or restricted cardiomyopathy will cause heart failure, which is equivalent to their own ability to insufficient;
If there is a problem with the valve, the flow of blood in the four heart chambers will be increased resistance or ineffective flow (there is reverse flow), which will actually cause the heart to work inefficiently, which is equivalent to the wrong working method;
Coronary artery blood supply problems is coronary heart disease, is obviously an important cause of heart failure, equivalent to not enough to eat how to work;
And the problem of conduction bundle is arrhythmia, no matter too fast too slow or not even the room room is not synchronous, the effect to the heart also is to be able to cause the drop of heart function even heart failure, and heartbeat is equivalent to the social person with not enough rest time.

The second category is the cause of heart failure outside the heart, the first is the heart of the heavy load, high blood pressure is like a strong boss set indicators, all the time is not forcing us to run high intensity, hard work;
The liver, kidneys and lungs, as good brothers of the heart, should work together to contribute to the health of the body, but liver failure, kidney failure or respiratory failure are not like the pig teammate you can never count on, and you even have to spare a heart to take care of him;
The ubiquitous “enemy”, including bacteria and viruses, can damage the heart, or even activate the immune system to cause immune damage to the heart.
The high blood sugar, high blood lipids and low blood potassium in the internal environment of the body make the whole circulatory system operate very slowly and have great resistance, and the burden of the heart increases significantly, and the incidence of heart failure increases accordingly.

In short, the so-called cause of heart failure, even the cause of most heart disease, the cause of other organs, are all autogenous factors, neuroendocrine factors, other important organ damage, infection and immune system, internal environment disorders and so on, you see?
See I will test you, why obesity will increase the incidence of heart failure, what is the main reason?

Obesity is an excess of strategic reserves stored by the body, which can hardly be used when it becomes moldy. It also brings a heavy logistical burden, including to the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, scientific weight loss is a beneficial treatment for all heart diseases.

【 Dr. Shi’s intimate Tips:】 let the heart relaxed, let yourself a little bit happy!
Fortunately however the working environment of the heart is in a relatively closed, stable, harmonious whole inside.
The reality is much more complicated for the social man who is crawling around in the society.
It may be right to the heart so, it may be right to oneself, accept oneself inadequacy, avoid excessive pressure and burden, adequate recuperation, let the heart a bit easier, let oneself happy a bit!

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