With heart disease and cancer at the same time, one operation solves both problems

One side is the serious coronary heart disease, the other side is the dangerous lung cancer, when these two diseases happen to a person at the same time, where to treat?
How to treat?
How to treat?
This series of problems, they are related to the life of Ms. Wang.

Ms. Wang is 57 years old this year. In recent years, in addition to common age-related diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver and high blood pressure, she has often suffered from severe heart palpitations and chest tightness in the past six months.

More than a month ago, when her palpitation and chest tightness became worse again, she went to the hospital, only to find out that she not only had a serious coronary heart disease, but also had lung adenocarcinoma.

Due to the complexity of the disease and the high risk of surgery, I went to many hospitals in the province but failed to find a better treatment.
Subsequently, Ms. Wang was introduced to the 8th ward of cardiovascular surgery (large vascular surgery) of Henan Chest Hospital.

After multiple consultations, experts concluded that Ms. Wang could have the same surgery as the bypass and removal of the malignant tumor in her lungs, which would solve both problems through one incision and one operation at the same time.

The operation was performed by Wang Pingfan, a famous cardiologist and vice president of the provincial chest hospital, and Zhang Li, director of the eight ward of cardiovascular surgery (large vessel surgery), and Gao Xia, chief physician.

With the cooperation of the team, the operation was successfully completed 6 hours later. After more than a week, she was discharged from hospital and went home smoothly.

Ping-fan wang said, with the development of the aging of the population, in recent years, at the same time suffering from coronary heart disease and malignant tumor patients increased year by year, the surgery mostly staging before operation, due to coronary heart disease (CHD) for at least three months after tumor resection, and the long waits to result in tumor progression and metastasis, so as to delay treatment, but with the improvement of medical technology progress and doctors, such a complex disease has a more professional way of treatment – the single incision surgery during this period, such not only can avoid the risks brought by the two operations, but also accelerate the postoperative recovery.

As a matter of fact, as early as 2011, Henan Chest Hospital took the lead in carrying out high-difficulty simultaneous cardiothoracic surgery for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, mediastinal tumor combined with heart disease and other cardiothoracic surgery in China, and has accumulated a wealth of surgical experience.
In October 2020, the Department of Cardiac Surgery of this hospital successfully performed minimally invasive single-incision simultaneous coronary artery bypass grafting + radical gastrectomy for a patient with only one kidney, which is the first case in China.

Pingfang Wang suggested that for patients with coronary heart disease complicated with malignant tumor disease, it is crucial to choose the appropriate treatment and timing of surgery. It is suggested that such patients go to a regular specialized hospital for medical treatment, and choose the appropriate surgical plan, so as to achieve better surgical results.

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