The load of novel coronavirus in newborn exceeds 50000 times

A severe newborn admitted to the National Children’s Hospital of Washington, D.C., was not only found to carry a new variant of coronavirus, but also the viral load was 51418 times that of other young patients. In addition, when sequencing the gene of the baby’s novel coronavirus, doctors found that the virus not only had a d614g mutation, but also found an unprecedented n679s mutation. Experts are confused and shocked – they worry that a new variant of the novel coronavirus will make infants and children “susceptible”. Experts said: it may be just a case.
Children are less likely to have severe cases of cowid-19
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says everyone is likely to spread the disease, but young children are less likely to infect others. In this regard, the health Times reporter interviewed Li dongzeng, deputy chief physician of infection department of Beijing You’an Hospital, “at present, the problem of this newborn is still a case.” Because it is not sure where the mutant virus comes from in the body of the newborn, there are few people that the newborn can contact, and the source of infection is relatively easy to determine. Usually consider the possibility of mother transmission or nosocomial infection. If no infected person is found around, the problem of the newborn may eventually be a case.
The monitoring of the virus has been carried out all the time. The previous concerns were whether the infectious power of the mutated virus was stronger, whether the virulence was increased, and whether the protective effect of the vaccine was affected. This case suggests that we should pay attention to the increase of infectivity and pathogenicity of the mutated virus to children on the basis of the original observation. In the past, the pathogenicity of novel coronavirus to children was weaker than that of adults and the elderly. Most of the children infected were mild or asymptomatic. Li Dong once stressed that the problem of virus mutation needs continuous attention, and the current response is to continue to speed up the vaccination work, and try to achieve the immune barrier before the virus has a relatively large mutation, which is also the best protection for children.
Will the covid vaccine be available for people under the age of 18
At 8 a.m. on February 26, Hong Kong officially launched the covid vaccination program, with five priority groups including people over 60 years old. As the elderly over 60 years old are at high risk of severe cases, vaccination is also necessary. China’s adenovirus vector vaccine includes people over 60 years old in phase 3 clinical practice, so it is OK to be over 18 years old when it is approved for marketing. However, Li Dong once pointed out that whether the vaccine is open to children in the future depends on whether children are easy to be infected and whether there is a serious risk after infection, and the decision should be made after weighing the necessity.
If the virus mutates in the future, children are more susceptible or the risk of severe illness increases, we should consider liberalizing the age limit. However, vaccine trials can not be conducted with children ethically, and the data in this regard is more difficult to obtain. Only when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the emergency use will be approved.
How to avoid new coronal infection and mother to child transmission
New coronavirus is respiratory tract infection, novel coronavirus infection time of viremia is very short, that is to say, there is a virus in the blood for a short time, almost not through the blood transmission. The study has also been confirmed many times that the probability of nucleic acid detection from the blood of infected people is very high, so the probability of direct transmission from the uterus through the placental blood circulation to children is very low.
Li Dong once mentioned that if mother to child transmission, it is most likely after the birth of the child. If the mother is infected, or through the respiratory tract infection of the newborn is more likely, this just need to do a good job of maternal covid screening can be, if it is infected with the covid at the same time and is about to give birth, it needs to be delivered in a special negative pressure delivery room or operating room, when the new baby is born, timely isolation, and do a good job of monitoring.

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