Mutation of the virus came in a menacing manner, one east one west close to China’s doorstep

In a recent interview with CCTV News, Zhong Nanshan said that China is seeing an increase in some local cases, which may be related to environmental and physical transmission.
Zhong pointed out that wearing masks, washing hands and keeping a distance are important ways to prevent environmental and physical transmission from person to person.
On the other hand, Zhong Nanshan also said that the monitoring of foreign articles should be strengthened.
In recent days, however, Zhong’s fears have come to pass as the mutated virus has spread rapidly around the world.

According to “Asahi Shimbun” reported, Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases announced on February 18 that a new variant novel coronavirus has been found in Japan.
The new strain, named E484K by Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases, is different from those found so far in Britain, as well as in South Africa and Brazil.
Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases found that the new strain of the virus has obvious “immune avoidance” characteristics.
Even those who have been cured or vaccinated with the novel coronavirus are at risk of becoming infected by the new strain, which can cause a person’s immune function to be underused.

In addition to Japan, a new strain of the mutated virus has emerged in India, China’s neighbor to the west.
Indian health officials said as many as 240 new variants of the novel coronavirus strain have been found in various parts of the country, Russia Today reported Tuesday, calling for aggressive response.

Authority of India’s medical research and clinical institutions gu lei leah, director of the all India institute of medical sciences (Randeep Guleria), according to some of them will be coronavirus strain of new variants may be highly infectious, even more dangerous, some strains with immune escape mechanism “, some already have antibodies or vaccinated people likely infected again.

From the above report, we can see that the prevention of imported from abroad is still the focus of the current epidemic prevention work, for the emergence of the mutated virus in China, more attention needs to be paid.
Although the mutated virus has appeared in both east and west of China, the country’s vaccine has also recently brought good news.

Sinovac Biotech’s novel coronavirus vaccine is effective against a variant originally found in the United Kingdom and South Africa, the company’s Brazilian partner said Wednesday.
All signs have indicated that although novel coronavirus is changing, but the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine is still very good.

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