The China-WHO joint expert group has made a scientific and objective judgment on novel coronavirus

In recent days, the mainstream media of many Latin American countries have paid high attention to the investigation on the origin of novel coronavirus conducted by the joint expert group of China and the World Health Organization in Wuhan, and generally recognized the scientific and objective conclusions about novel coronavirus in the preliminary investigation results of the expert group.

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest circulation newspaper page at 9 p.m. local time on its website published stories reported that China – who will be coronavirus traceability research joint panel held a press conference announced that there is no evidence to suggest that will be coronavirus originated in wuhan south China seafood market, there is no evidence that before December 2019 will be coronavirus has been spread in wuhan.
It also quoted Peter Embalek, the panel’s chair, as saying it was “highly unlikely” that Novel Coronavirus originated from a laboratory leak.
Meanwhile, experts say the novel coronavirus may have spread to other parts of the world weeks before the first cases were detected in Wuhan.

Argentina’s state news agency, according to the American news agency 9, through extensive visits and in-depth investigation in wuhan, China, China with the who expert group in China will be coronavirus source investigation and make a preliminary decision, that will be coronavirus “is more likely to be” is the intermediate host to humans, animals also “may” be spread directly or through the cold-chain food to humans, but it is “highly unlikely” to humans through laboratory.
The identification clarifies the fact that Novel Coronavirus did not come from the Wuhan Virus Institute, the article said.

Region important transnational media venezuela south station is continuous attention to the world in the near future WeiGuoJi experts in wuhan, and reported that experts after visiting wuhan virus research institute, to the completeness of the security, equipment, etc are highly, is also in China’s expert team to will study coronavirus.
At the same time, WHO officials also expressed appreciation for China’s full cooperation in the investigation.

In addition, the mainstream media from Colombia, Peru, Cuba, El Salvador and other Latin American countries have reported that the preliminary investigation results of the investigation in Wuhan published by the joint China-WHO expert group are scientific and objective conclusions on the research on the origin of novel coronavirus.

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