Israel said it found the California virus, the US delegates angrily demanded that the name be changed, the conference room burst into laughter

At a regular meeting of the WHO on January 25, Israeli experts said they had discovered a variant of the novel Coronavirus and named it the California virus, a claim that drew strong protests from U.S. representatives.
The American representative was very indignant and strongly demanded the name be changed, but the scene caused roars of laughter.

It is reported that Israeli experts said that the new novel coronavirus is determined to come from the US state of California at the earliest, so it will be named the California strain.
For the novel coronavirus study, Israel has been very serious, because the number of infected people in Israel has exceeded 550,000, such a number for the size of Israel, is absolutely a very surprising number.
After the study, Israel found not only the California strain, but also the Los Angeles virus in DNA tests.

There are not many taboos on virus naming, but it is rare to name a virus after a place unless it is known that the virus originated in the first place.
When novel coronavirus just broke out in China, the US side maliciously named the virus Wuhan virus or Chinese virus, hoping to belittle China in such a way.
However, various evidences show that the virus did not come from China, but from another source. Therefore, such action by the US side is fundamentally irresponsible.

After nearly a year, China’s domestic epidemic was basically under control, but the virus began to spread around the world.
So far, more than 25 million people have been infected in the United States and more than 10 million in India. The world is suffering from a severe outbreak, and the virus has mutated.
The novel coronavirus found in London is not the same as the normal novel coronavirus, so many countries named it the British virus, but this idea was strongly opposed by the UK.

More than 150,000 new infections are being reported every day in the United States, and the novel Coronavirus mutant virus has emerged in Chicago and California, which is why Israel named it that way.
However, such a naming method was also strongly opposed by the representatives of the United States, which believed that it was a smear of the United States.

However, what the United States and Britain did was to permit only state officials to set fire to the land and not allow the common people to light lamps.
Before the UK and the United States and other countries named the virus after our country or Wuhan, may feel very relaxed, because such practices have caused us a lot of trouble.
But now, by naming viruses this way, Britain and America are finally getting a taste of the same thing.

The fight against the epidemic is an important task for the whole world. Only through solidarity, can mankind defeat the virus.

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