Brazil reveals important clue to virus, experts: no surprise

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Brazil reveals important clue to virus, experts: no surprise.
Since will be coronavirus in early 2020, many countries are haunted by the virus, many people are very interested in the matter of virus source, but even after the who and many a year after the study of the truth about the source, is still a mystery, but it is great that, even if it did not find out the truth of the year, in the survey also found clues about the source, the Italian experts had a cancer in their samples found in 111 cases were positive for the virus, January 20, according to foreign media reports, Brazil recently about the virus source event, and have new discovery,
And the finding has experts saying it’s not surprising.

The Brazilian expert said the source of the novel coronavirus was likely multiple countries.
An examination of serum samples from a Brazilian state in 2019 found 210 of the 7,370 samples tested positive for the virus, but there is no clear answer as to where the virus came from.
It is worth mentioning that among all the positive samples, the earliest one was on December 18, 2019, which was apparently far earlier than the first case of the virus found in China.

Novel coronavirus is known to take time from infection to detection, and once the Brazilian virus is confirmed, it would mean that the case of the virus’s origin has moved forward again.
It is reported that experts such as Italy and Germany have studied cases of source of novel coronavirus before this.
Tests on serum samples in Italy found that a woman was most likely infected as early as October 2019, and German experts have previously said that novel coronavirus can be traced back to northern Italy.

In addition to Italy found positive samples, Spain’s a sewage report, there are positive for the virus has been identified, but more importantly, the sewage sampling is in March 2019, and this time even longer time than Brazil and Italy, is also the earliest date will be coronavirus samples.
Since China reported the case of the World Health Novel Coronavirus, the United States and other Western countries have been trying to pin the “source of the virus” on the Chinese side.

The analysis pointed out that with the continuous tracing by WHO and other countries, the truth will eventually come to light. WHO also said that the purpose of tracing is to promote the research and development of vaccines and the global fight against the epidemic, rather than to hold any country or region responsible.
In addition to tracing the source of work, the most important at present is each country can unite as one, fight epidemic jointly, only after novel coronavirus is controlled, ability is in achieving economic recovery, ability lets each country develop no longer be restricted……

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