Why the emergence of “hyperspread”? Does the virus get crafty?

Why the emergence of “hyperspread”?
Nucleic acid detection shows positive for many times, is the virus cunning?
Here comes the answer

Thirty-four confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Jilin, including 80 asymptomatic infections, as of 4:00 am Wednesday, the provincial health commission said.
Of the 114 cases reported so far, 102 have been transmitted by the same imported case.
Lin engaged in the individual marketing profession, recently many times back and forth in the two provinces, the scope of activities is wider, contact personnel, January 6 solstice 11 in the princess Ling City, Tonghua City to carry out 4 marketing activities for the elderly.

Why the emergence of “hyperspread”?

  1. The super spunger was found in the early stage of infection and had strong detoxification ability. In the 21 samples collected from its living environment in Tonghua City, 16 loci were detected positive.
  2. The infected person is exposed to a high concentration of aerosols in an enclosed space for a long time.
    Most of the infected elderly people, the autoimmune function is relatively poor.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on January 16th, two new cases of local Covid-19 were confirmed in Beijing, of which one case was confirmed 20 days after the centralized quarantine.
On December 27, 2020, the case was placed under intensive medical observation in isolation as a close contact of the confirmed case. During this period, nucleic acid test results were negative for several times, and the case was diagnosed as a confirmed case on January 16, 2021.

Some netizens ask: multiple tests were positive, is the nucleic acid test is not working, or the virus has become cunning?

5 people or 10 people in a group, how to understand the nucleic acid test mixing technology?

For example, the 10-in-one mixed-collection technology means that 10 swab samples collected from 10 people are collected in one collection tube for nucleic acid detection. Once positive, 10 subjects in the mixed-collection tube will be isolated temporarily and re-collected for review to determine which one of the 10 is positive.
If the test is negative, it means all 10 samples are negative and all 10 people who are mixed are safe.
This maximizes the detection efficiency, is in line with the provisions, the results are accurate, there will be no missed detection, wrong detection and other problems.

Why can appear many times nucleic acid can not detect the virus?

Factors that affect testing include the amount of detoxification of the patient, the quality of the test samples, the quality of the kit, and laboratory procedures.
Among many factors, the results of the test are mainly influenced by the patient’s detoxification concentration.
The patient detoxification more can be found out, less may not be found out.

What reason causes the patient to discharge poison little?

This is related to the course of the disease.
After many nucleic acid detection was positive, the large probability is caused by different patient detoxification time.
The incubation period is different for each patient, so the time to detect the virus is different.
Infected person from infect a virus to begin to discharge poison, call on profession “strong hidden period”.
And asymptomatic infected person detoxification professional call “before hidden period”, can also call the window period of laboratory detection screening.
During the window period, the test may fail to produce a positive result many times, but by the end of the pre-hidden period it will be positive.

If the patient happens to have a low amount of detoxification during the nucleic acid test, the test may be negative.
Therefore, repeated rounds of detection is more necessary.

In the final analysis, epidemic prevention should start from their own

Wear masks, wash hands frequently and ventilate frequently

Clean and disinfect public and personal items regularly

Go out less, do not gather

Avoid medium-high risk areas

If you have suspicious symptoms

Go to the nearby regular hospital as soon as possible

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