Students studying in The UK returned home and were infected with the mutated virus, which really cheered the country’s timely approach

The first case of the mutated virus has been reported in Shanghai, and it is an imported case. The infected person is from the UK, a student from the UK.

The 23-year-old reportedly returned from the UK, causing concern among many parents.
Fear of what happened, really happened!
It’s not even the first day of 2021, which is really worrying.

According to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on January 1, 2021, a mutated virus from the UK appeared in Shanghai, the first of its kind in China.
A 23-year-old female student who flew from the UK to Shanghai was quarantined on December 14 after testing positive for what was initially not thought to be a mutated virus.

Later, when the netizens learned of her behavior, they found it hard to understand. According to her description of the following behaviors, she may have been infected. Let’s see if she is infected or not, she has basic judgment.
Let’s have a look at the student’s dictation.

It is said that before she came back to China, this girl did not wear a mask when running in some parks in the UK, and she must have been paralyzed by herd immunity. It has to be said that herd immunity is very popular abroad, and many people infect each other. When people around her do not think the virus is a problem, everyone will relax.

She also said that she took off her mask when she boarded the plane back to China. Are you angry to hear that?
Why take off your mask on the way back in the UK, feeling infected?
Is this irresponsible for our compatriots back home?

Why is it that people are so relaxed when everyone knows that things have been so bad in The UK?
We should know that now the end of the year in Our country, into the cold winter since, new cases have emerged in succession, has let the parents are worried enough, did not expect now and make such a.

The accident does send a very clear signal that there is an urgent need for vigilance and no room for neglect.
Want to know now the primary and secondary schools have not had a holiday, the students are in the school in class, if the occurrence of this kind of situation in the school, the consequences unimaginable.

Having said that, I have to say that the previous decision to link with the UK was correct and supported by a large number of netizens. It seems that this decision is not wrong and the public’s eyes are still bright.

Luckily for the girl, she came back at the end of the voyage.
But it was unfortunate for the people back home.
It’s important to know that the mutated virus is more risky than the previous one.

When the mask is not taken off, for the sake of self-safety and public safety, it is still necessary to wear the mask in places with heavy traffic.
In recent days, several senior high school students in Heilongjiang Province have tested positive or diagnosed, which has worried their parents and friends. But now that the worst thing has happened, it really makes people feel bad.

At present, each area education branch also made a regulation about having a holiday: insist wrong peak, wrong batch has a holiday, and the requirement is in principle not to leave the place of residence.
In fact, this point is also applicable to other university students, after all, Professor Zhang Wenhong once said: “take precautions, honestly in place, this is the safest!”

Many parents have been concerned about the issue of children’s holiday, from now on, I am afraid it is more looking forward to their children’s holiday.
From the current situation, not to the Spring Festival before and after, it is estimated that there will be a lot of students in the middle and late January back home, some foreign students also want to make a good plan for their whereabouts in advance.

Li now thinks it would be wise for China to stop flights between China and the UK. Look at the case of a 23-year-old British student who tested negative before boarding the plane and tested positive when she returned home.
It was lucky that She returned to China on December 14, and that flights between China and the UK were disrupted later.
If, without decisive melting, it is not known how many British students returned home after Christmas carnival, bringing more than a few unclear transmission chains of the mutant strain.

In any case, Li suggests parents and students pay attention to the following points:

1, winter holiday try not to travel, it is best to stay at home, although it is not as serious as before, but the basic protection is still necessary, especially wearing a mask, wash your hands to continue to adhere to, we have insisted on more than a year, used to the fact that it is good.

2, a little more serious place estimated the holiday time will be longer, so at home to do a more adequate time arrangement, the possibility of online classes is still there, even if there is no online class, students and parents also want to arrange their own homework, go out to make up lessons as far as possible do not consider.

3, overseas students try not to come back, because the current situation is a virus mutation, so come back in the psychological will bring a huge burden to the Chinese, in fact, we have to take good care to protect themselves, others silly we can not follow the stupid.
For the sake of happy freedom, for the sake of their so-called freedom is actually a joke on the lives of others, is to bring others not free.

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