Is vitamin E so good that everyone can use it?

Vitamin is an essential nutrient to maintain the normal functioning of the body and plays an important role in regulating metabolism.
In the vitamin family, there is such a fat soluble vitamin member, he is vitamin E.
Vitamin E is found mainly in vegetable, sesame, and rapeseed oils. It is also extracted from dried fruits and is known as tocopherol because it promotes sperm production and reproduction.
With more and more applications, vitamin E has been found to have other effects besides promoting sperm development, mainly as follows:

  1. The oxidation resistance

Vitamin E has a certain antioxidant function. Firstly, it can protect cells, reduce the damage of free radicals and delay aging. Secondly, it can also reduce the formation of lipofuscin, also known as age spots, by inhibiting the oxidation of fatty acids.
At the same time, relevant studies have confirmed that vitamin E also has the whitening effect of reducing color spots, and pearl powder combined, the effect is better.

  1. Regulate the reproductive system

As mentioned above, vitamin E can promote the growth and reproduction of male sperm and can effectively treat male infertility.
In addition, it also improves the female ovarian function to a certain extent. By promoting the secretion of sex hormones, it can effectively improve the reproductive ability. It is also often used to treat threatened abortion and habitual abortion.

  1. Regulate blood lipids and lower blood pressure

Vitamin E can protect red blood cells, enhance free radical antioxidant function, inhibit platelet aggregation, regulate the circulation of the body, smooth blood flow, so as to prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, can effectively prevent cerebrovascular diseases.
In addition, to the blood vessel of the eye, have certain dilate action, can prevent myopia effectively.

Vitamin E is so good that everyone can use it. In fact, the following two kinds of people had better not use it.

Friends who are taking anticoagulants

For those with coronary atherosclerosis, anticoagulants are often used under the guidance of a doctor, and vitamin E is generally not recommended at this time.
Because anticoagulant agent itself has the effect of reducing blood clotting, vitamin E can also inhibit platelet agglutination, if used together, it is easy to cause the coagulation ability in the body to weaken, very easy to bleed, serious will bring life danger, so do not take two drugs together.

People with high cholesterol

Like anticoagulant drugs, vitamin E also has the effect of lowering blood fat and cholesterol. If used together, the two drugs will interfere with each other, which is not conducive to the play of drug efficacy and produce unexpected effects, so it is not recommended to use both together.

Above we have talked about the efficacy and taboos of vitamin E, some friends may wonder, vitamin E has so many effects, then how to eat it, internal or external use?
What kind of taking method can give full play to the full effect of vitamin E?

Studies have shown that, although vitamin E has been made into capsules, masks, creams, use methods are also varied, but want to give full play to the effect of vitamin E, or the best internal use.
Mainly because of the high absorption rate of internal use, in addition to the target effect can also have the function of physical fitness.

So there is a need to supplement vitamin E personnel, it is best to take supplements;
And should choose natural vitamin E preparation.
As a friendly reminder, vitamin E is easy to accumulate in the body, so don’t overdo it.

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