There was some good news about the coVID-19 vaccine

China biological covid inactivated international clinical phase iii launching ceremony held in the form of video conference, the three sides: Beijing, China, wuhan, the united Arab emirates, ABU dhabi, in the meeting, China the united Arab emirates (uae) signed a cooperation agreement, the united Arab emirates (uae) health minister presented China with a clinical trial license file, marking the world’s first covid inactivated international launched the third phase of clinical trial.

Just a few days ago, WHO chief scientist Sumiya Swaminathan told reporters that nearly 200 coVID-19 vaccines were under development, 10 were in the final stages of phase II testing and four were on the way to phase III clinical trials.
Swaminathan explained that the third stage is the last stage before mass production.

It will take a long time for vaccines to be developed, tested and mass-produced, swaminathan said, but because of the severity of the global epidemic, research institutions will have to speed up the process, and because of scientists’ efforts, one or two vaccines could be ready by the end of the year.
If the vaccine is successfully developed and proves effective, mass production could begin, with nearly 2 billion doses expected by 2021.
The rapid production of the vaccine is not guaranteed to be safe, but because the vaccine will be tested on thousands of patients during development to ensure it has no side effects in humans, trials of this scale are sufficient, but “risk free” is unlikely.

Zhong said at the end of May that China’s vaccine research progress is in the first tier in the world, and we will not lag behind other countries.
In early June, zhong said in a live television, natural immune is 60-70% of the population is infected with a country, killing tens of millions of people, the price is too big, so the best way to solve the problem still have to rely on a large-scale vaccination, the vaccine is the main way to solve the herd immunity, the covid vaccine can be used at the end of this fall or emergency at the earliest.

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