Singapore will conduct novel coronavirus testing for all people over 45 with acute respiratory infection from next week

Singapore’s Ministry of Health announced Tuesday night that it had entered the second phase of virus unsealing from 0:00 on the 19th. As more people return to work, the government will expand the scope of novel coronavirus testing, starting next week, for all people over the age of 45 suffering from acute respiratory infection testing.
Clinical evidence shows that patients are the most infectious after symptoms appear, so the government plans to test all people who have symptoms of acute respiratory infection when they first seek medical treatment. In this way, the infected can be detected as early as possible and controlled quickly to avoid further spread of the virus.
In addition, the government will also expand the detection of case contacts. Previously only close contacts with confirmed cases were isolated, and now all contacts must be tested before isolation. If any of them are diagnosed, they will continue to follow up other close contacts according to the activity records of the diagnosed person and isolate the close contacts as early as possible.

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