Buy Xtandi : Enzalutamide 40 Mg Capsules 112’S Online


Brand Name : Xtandi
Composition : Enzalutamide
Manufactured by : Astellas Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.
Strength : 40 mg
Form : Capsules
Packing : Pack of 112 Capsules

Prescription Required *



Enzalutamide is a prescription medication that is commonly known by its trade name, Xtandi. It is typically used for the treatment of prostate cancer, which is a slow-growing cancer that predominantly affects older men. Enzalutamide is classified as an anti-androgen medication, which means that it blocks the effects of male hormones in the body. This can help slow or stop the growth of prostate cancer.

The typical dosage of enzalutamide is 40 mg, which is taken as a single capsule per day. This medication is supplied in packs of 112 capsules, which is a 16 week supply. Enzalutamide is meant to be taken orally, and should be swallowed whole with water. It is important to take this medication at the same time every day, preferably with food.

One of the key advantages of enzalutamide is that it is very effective at treating prostate cancer. Studies have shown that it can significantly improve overall survival rates in patients with this disease. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of disease progression and improve quality of life for patients. Enzalutamide is generally well-tolerated by most patients, with few serious side effects.

However, like all medications, there are some risks associated with enzalutamide. Some of the most common side effects of enzalutamide include fatigue, hot flushes, decreased appetite, and nausea. Patients may also experience high blood pressure, allergic reactions, or changes in liver function while taking this medication. It is important to speak with a healthcare provider before starting enzalutamide, and to report any side effects immediately.

Overall, enzalutamide is a powerful medication that can significantly improve outcomes for patients with prostate cancer. It is generally well-tolerated by most patients, and can help to slow or stop the growth of this disease. However, it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by a healthcare provider when taking enzalutamide, and to report any side effects or concerns promptly.


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