Buy Campto : Irinotecan 100 Mg Injection Online


Brand Name : Campto
Composition : Irinotecan
Manufactured by : Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Strength : 100 mg
Form : Injection
Packing : Pack of 1 Vial

Prescription Required *



Campto, also known as Irinotecan 100 Mg Injection, is a prescription medication used to treat advanced colorectal cancer and metastatic cancer in patients who have not responded to other treatments. Campto is an intravenous chemotherapy drug that works by preventing cancer cells from dividing and multiplying.

The active ingredient in Campto is Irinotecan, which is a topoisomerase inhibitor. Topoisomerase is an enzyme that is essential for the replication and division of DNA. Irinotecan works by inhibiting this enzyme, preventing the DNA from properly dividing and multiplying, thus inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Campto is typically administered alongside other chemotherapy drugs to maximize its effectiveness. It is administered through an IV, which means it is slowly released into the patient’s bloodstream over several hours.

Clinical trials have indicated that Campto can significantly improve quality of life and survival rates for patients suffering from colorectal cancer. In one such trial, patients treated with Campto in combination with another chemotherapy drug, oxaliplatin, showed a significant increase in the progression-free survival rate compared to those treated with oxaliplatin alone.

However, Campto is not without side effects. While it effectively targets and destroys cancer cells, it can also affect healthy cells, causing a range of side effects. Common side effects may include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, and decreased appetite. Patients may also experience more severe side effects such as neutropenia, which is a low white blood cell count, as well as anemia, which is a low red blood cell count.

It is important for patients to inform their healthcare providers of any side effects they experience while taking Campto, as some of these side effects may require medical intervention.

In conclusion, Campto is an effective chemotherapy drug that can help treat advanced colorectal and metastatic cancers. While it has demonstrated an ability to significantly improve patient outcomes in clinical trials, it can also cause side effects that can vary in severity. It is important for patients to understand the potential risks and benefits of Campto, and to speak with their healthcare provider about their individual needs and treatment options.


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