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Hypertropin is an injectable medication containing synthetic somatropin used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It is administered by subcutaneous injection with dosage determined by a healthcare practitioner. It stimulates production of insulin-like growth factor 1, promoting growth and enhancing protein synthesis. Hypertropin should be refrigerated and used within 14 days of reconstitution.



Hypertropin is an injectable medication used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It is available as a powder for injection, which is reconstituted with diluent prior to use.

Hypertropin contains somatropin, which is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring human growth hormone. It is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology to produce a version that is identical to the naturally occurring hormone.

Hypertropin is indicated for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It can also be used to treat muscle wasting associated with HIV/AIDS.

Usage and Dosage:
Hypertropin is administered by subcutaneous injection, with the dosage and frequency determined by the healthcare practitioner according to the patient’s age, weight, and condition. The recommended starting dose for children is up to 0.3 mg/kg per week, while the recommended dose for adults is up to 0.1 mg/kg per day. It is important not to exceed the prescribed dose, as this may result in adverse effects.

Storage Conditions:
Hypertropin should be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2-8°C. It should be protected from light and stored in the original carton until use. Once reconstituted, Hypertropin should be used within 14 days and should not be frozen.

Mechanism of Action:
Hypertropin works by binding to specific receptors in the liver and other tissues in the body, stimulating the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 promotes growth by stimulating the proliferation of chondrocytes (cartilage cells) and osteoblasts (bone-forming cells), as well as enhancing protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown.

Hypertropin should not be used in patients with a hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or any of the excipients used in the medication. It is also contraindicated in patients with active malignancy, as well as those with closed epiphyses (the end of long bones).

Hypertropin may interact with other medications that affect glucose homeostasis, such as glucocorticoids or insulin. Patients should inform their healthcare provider of any medications or supplements they are taking before using Hypertropin.

Side Effects:
Common side effects of Hypertropin include injection site reactions, headaches, joint pain, swelling, and muscle pain. Other potential side effects include carpal tunnel syndrome, insulin resistance, and increased risk for diabetes and cancer. Patients should seek medical attention immediately if any severe or persistent side effects are experienced.

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122 reviews for Buy Hypertropin HGH 120IU Online For Sale

  1. Flex Bronson

    I’m holding on to muscle easier too, not bad for 45.

  2. Tab

    Good product

  3. Mark Yun Yager

    Energy, overall I have noticed better energy levels just after a few days of taking

  4. Cloris

    Worth a try

  5. Chris mason

    So far its helped with recovery time

  6. April Wright

    fast delivery

  7. Novie

    Great product! Really good quality! Would buy from you again. Shipped fast, great price. Thanks so much!

  8. Bean


  9. Gospel Emedom


  10. Madeira16

    My 11 years old daughter is use this product she is excited and will use to continue

  11. Andrew earl

    needed in a vital growth period

  12. CRBCO

    Product came fast.

  13. Yones

    it quickly and working for young lads

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  15. P_Monkey

    It works well

  16. Madai

    I love hygetropin so I’m planning on buying more !

  17. Melanated Goddess

    Very good product for growth

  18. Caveat Emptor

    My child is growing! Thanks.

  19. Dpq

    So far so good. Waiting for the results.

  20. Paula P.

    Great product

  21. vega

    Satisfy customer

  22. Anailil Ocsarrac

    Really good hgh and good delivery.

  23. Ro0425

    My kids are growing.

  24. Elise

    I lime it because its really amazing and my kids like it so much.

  25. Jen

    Amazing Unbelievable product

  26. Shannon

    great product

  27. Lucianne Ignatowski

    he has grown at least 2 inches, based on the fact that he used to measure up to my eyebrows, and now he’s slightly taller than me! I’m his mom and I’m 5’2.

  28. JoseeMont

    Very happy with my purchase!

  29. shirley


  30. Tubsoflove05

    It’s was very helpful,I’m getting my result.

  31. Beverly Isaac

    I fell like I have more energy

  32. Mary Hughes

    I bought this product before and used it for long time. I was searching for a product that works for height growth with affordable price.
    I like it because I truly grown an each this year which is incredible. Highly recommend.

  33. Jmo


  34. JusShopin

    Worth to try

  35. Sebee

    have noticed dramastic height increasement, I am 17 by the way.

  36. juan

    Muy contento con el producto.

  37. Sd shr

    Better than the stuff at store

  38. Jeff T

    Good stuff!

  39. Betsy krejcar-Robertson

    Great results

  40. seancon

    I felt Runner’s High for the first time

  41. S Bassett

    Following two foot surgeries, I had not worked out in almost a year. I came off of physical exercise restriction just in time for my Military bi-annual fitness test, with 3 weeks to prepare. Using hypertropin weeks of gym time running through the fitness test exercises (Cardio, push-ups, and pull-ups), I put up PERSONAL BEST scores on my fitness test. At age 48, with almost a year of inactivity, and less than a month of prep, I can only attribute my success to the hypertropin product. I will never do a PFT without it again!

  42. E Reed

    Writing this review for my husband.. He really really REALLY enjoys this stuff haha. I hear about it every time he gets home from the gym. He starts flexing in front of me and is like “don’t I look huge right now?” its pretty funny. But I can tell you that I have noticed some definite changes in his body since he has been taking this and his confidence is through the roof haha. Just based on the results my husband has gotten in the last month I would absolutely give this a shot if you are considering it. I might even try it myself next.

  43. James P Horton

    Great burn/build!

  44. Jim Rezac Music

    Great energy and appetite control. Seems to burn fat as well as build muscle. I’ve used it for almost a month, and I see results. highly recommend

  45. tyler

    This stuff works.

  46. Andrew

    Cycling Endurance Increased.

  47. Ted Brooks

    I noticed feeling more energy, focus, and overall strength. this product helps me get an edge over my peers. I’m nearing the end of my first box, but am getting another one in hopes the gains will continue. Can’t wait to see the final results

  48. Larry J Antey

    I first started taking hypertropin the first week of August and still ongoing. As I took this I went to the gym 5 days a week after work for about 1-2 hours. I began seeing changes as time went but when it came to work( we always wear long sleeve uniforms) I took my smock off as I was leaving and got a ton of compliments on how I looked. I didn t realize the changes were so drastic. Love this stuff.

  49. Elijah Annis

    I feel like it has already started helping me on my cycling ventures. My endurance has increased as shown by Strava. Just logged my first half century ride. And, it is reducing body fat… I’m thinking the Hypertropin is responsible for that. I’m experienced endurance gains within first week… fat loss after two weeks.

  50. Kemisha Simpson

    Effective supplement. Put on 10-12lbs of muscle in about 3 weeks time!

  51. Jesus Moreno

    I was feeling energized and ready to go out the door to go work. I recommend this item to anyone who is in need of an energy boost or just a stimulant.

  52. Raymond Tuckler

    Love this product.there are no side effects or jitters

  53. Bob

    Worth Every Penny

  54. Pat Muise

    I’ve been using this for about a year and a half since I discovered this brand. Perfect for athletes who are very active – I box, run and weight lift. With the amount of activity I do daily, my body needs a lot of food to just maintain my 200lbs frame – this helps me preserve the size and physique that I have and slowly, but surely build on it. Great product 🙌

  55. Andy

    This stuff really works. I put on 8 lbs of muscle in 2 months

  56. Tammy Davis

    I really am loving this product so far, If you can afford to buy this and try it for a month absolutely do it! You will definitely get results. Ive always been super skinny and its always be hard to put on muscle. I used to take creatine and some other weight gainers and nothing really worked super well. This works! the muscle is hard, and the definition is there. Unlike creatine where it just feels like fluff.

  57. Alex

    its honestly crazy to see the change in my body. I have tried a ton of different muscle gainers in the past and they do work to a certain extent but nothing like this product. 1 month in and my body is completely chiseled. Everyone is different so you might not get the same results as me but I can tell you that this is worth a shot

  58. Chris M

    Wow. I cannot say enough good things about this product!! My gains have been absolutely incredible. My bench has went up close to 10 lbs in two weeks. My pump I get from working out is incredible. And I can tell I have even “lost” some fat around my chest and face area. mention my overall cardio has improved due to the hypertropin. Well worth the money folks and dosed perfectly!! I am no longer a skeptic.

  59. Rock T. Boat

    Cuts recovery time down

  60. Jack H

    Highly recommend

  61. Daryl Zimmerman

    I wouldn’t recommend if you were only looking for energy (there’s less expensive energy boosters that work just as well), but if you’re looking to maximize your workout – definitely give this a shot.

  62. Lori m

    Gains are waiting

  63. Nolan Reicha

    I ordered hypertropin roughly a month ago and I can honestly tell you that it works. My progress had stalled for a long time and I was looking for something to break through my plateau. After starting my fourth week and keeping careful track of my progress I cant believe how much of a difference this product has made. I am about to place my third order and cant wait to see where I am in another month.
    Being 47 years old its tougher to make those gains and this really helped to push me through.

  64. cihan

    Absolutely have loved this product. Have gained weight, but leaned up since it’s use, and my strength and recovery is top notch. I’ve been deadlifting every other day and still able to increase weight. I feel stronger and fuller, while staying lean. Went from 154 to 162, and a lot leaner.

  65. Joshua B.

    Most workout supplements/drinks make my heart race and cause serious jitters. This product is great. I feel a great amount of energy when I workout and I sleep like a baby at night. Highly recommend. I will purchase again.

  66. James Curtis

    I feel like once you try hypertropin, you’ll keep coming back for more! This will intensify your sets and change your attitude from “i cant” to “I definitely CAN DO THIS!!” 🙂

  67. RW

    Results speak for themselves!

  68. J W

    Very motivation with it!

  69. Keith

    I’ve really enjoyed this product! I use it once a day, everyday.
    I really do feel like it’s helped develop strength and thus even give me a little more definition.
    I’ll absolutely purchase this product again and recommend it to friends

  70. H. Landman

    I noticed an immediate effect in clarity and calm focus, and after about one week I started noticing significant increase in stamina and strength. In this last week I have increased my weight load sooo much in all the machines (10-50%), both legs, flutes, adductor, abductor and chest, and I feel this immense primal power in my muscles with a sense of zen determination. My boyfriend loves it too. Super stoked that we found this.

  71. Bobby

    I’m able to squeeze out 1-2 more reps on each set. I was skeptical but this actually worked for me

  72. Doofus Maximus

    Awesome product, I used this beginning my “taking the gym more seriously.” This was a little booster, I generally have decent muscle memory so it picked up so quick I saw results within two weeks. I do highly recommend the product.

  73. flareview

    Worth taking combined with clean eating and good Weights workout plan

  74. S. JOHNSON

    If you are serious about building muscle, get this!

  75. Sheila J. Pollock

    It works!!

  76. Ronald W. Rudich

    Good hgh and I made gains while taking it. I was working out 4 times per week, compound movements, and eating clean. Good strength gains and would take again. Motivates me to workout harder and for longer.

  77. marcony mendonca

    This product was an instant boost of energy and strength for the 17 hr days making it feel like 8 hrs of work! Great find👍

  78. Brandon

    Definitely can feel a difference

  79. Mac/Cheese

    I was stuck at a 255lbs deadlift for a long time and now my PR is 270lbs after less than a month on this hypertropin. Great stuff!

  80. Jim

    Have been using the product for the last 15 days, cant really tell how much this product has actually helped because I wasn’t exercising at all, eating a lot of junk food, then decided to change those old habits, and by the reviews I have chosen this product to give me a boost. Overall I feel much better than the 15 days ago, have been sleeping better, wake up rested and have been feeling better every time I go to gym.

  81. Michael McCord

    Great product

  82. hieu vinh

    This is just one of the best supplements I have ever taken and I mean that. To experience results as fast as I did. (2 weeks) is incredible. Pleasantly surprised by how shredded I was after using this for only 2 weeks. This isn’t fake news folks, this is the real deal

  83. Dennis W. Hoffman

    I receive hypertropin monthly. I have been using it for almost a month now. I have gone up in weights during my workout. I see more results when I pair this product with a healthier diet and exercise.

  84. dawn moses

    After using this product for more than two weeks now, I can totally see and feel a difference on my body. Definitely feel a lot stronger and bigger, amazing product!

  85. Brenda Parmer

    I’ll buy again. Definitely feel more drive and endurance through the course of my workouts.

  86. J. E. Garcell



    One of the best additions to my supplement stack! I have noticed a huge improvement in my lifts and my recovery time has been cut almost in half. 10/10, love this product

  88. Daniel Maldonado

    hypertropin was amazing! I not only recovered from each workout quicker, but I definitely made some gains being on this! I was able to increase my base weight on a lot of my lifts, and I even hit some new personal records for myself with some lifts as well!

  89. Joe S.

    Great energy!

  90. Roland Wilkinson

    I really liked it! , I also gained a noticeable amount of muscle and strength as well! Love it! it has been by far the best hgh I ve tried! Thanks

  91. Pedro Prime

    This is a must try product! This product has changed my life, I feel so much energy and endurance during my workout! It’s insane! I highly recommend this product for anyone who is starting their fitness journey!!👊🏼

  92. Dude the Dog

    Excellent product

  93. Chris

    It gives me great energy for a workout, plus an extra boost for my muscles when I’m training without any feelings of jitters. Very clean muscle pump.

  94. K. Westmorland

    I’ve been using this product for a few months and I’ve never experienced anything like it .I feel the energy during the workouts and it continues throughout the day .

  95. Brandon

    Happy with my purchase

  96. Mauricio ortega

    Que vale la pena comprarlo
    Me encanto porque puedo ver los resultados de mi ejercicio

  97. John M.

    No Jitters

  98. Kelvin Cheah

    This is a great product, I can feel my muscles thriving. I feel more strength during training and better recovery.

  99. Michael Hecht

    I used this for one day just starting back working out again. Used this after resistance training, and felt like i didnt even work out the next day. Barely any muscle soreness. The next day i did cardio. I warm up on the tredmill. My usualy pace for warming up felt like nothing at all, as if i was just walking.

  100. Kodiak

    Must Try!

  101. beth

    Great products ….


    Positive gains

  103. Kristoffer Gonzales

    I can see change, it gives me alot of energy. I absolutley recommend this product.

  104. MKS

    So this product is great!!I have definitely been able to push much heavier weight since starting this product, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 30 days!!

  105. Marc N

    This product is the real deal! I saw gains in mass and (especially) strength in as little as two weeks. Heavy weights no longer feel like a chore, and what was once heavy isn’t heavy enough. I’m going to continue using it because the results are real!

  106. Paul LeBlanc

    Worth the money

  107. Torres

    I push myself really hard in the gym and this product allows me to stay in high gear. I also train in a fasted state quite a bit and see noticeable muscle retention and gains. Leaning out while building mass and feeling strong. I’ve been training for 28 years consistently. This is falling into one of my top five supplements.

  108. Amixiam

    I have been using hygetropin for a few months. It has allowed me to gain weight at the same time as maintaining my speed. The muscle added is well distributed. Great Product! Works wonders.

  109. motionsickness669

    I have been suffering from low drive in workouts and in the morning in general. Needless to say since taking my hypertropin I’ve gotten my libido back while getting leaner.

  110. Kali

    I had used this product to boost my estrogen levels. And within 3 months my levels doubled. I will continue to use this. I had stopped for a little while, and my levels decreased. So I know it works!

  111. Michael J. Crow

    Five Stars

  112. Nevada Heart

    Satisfied with the purchase.

  113. RockyPilot

    Five Stars

  114. Cindy


  115. Omar Carrillo

    Greats pumps in the gym, extra burst of energy can not complain one bit

  116. Chris

    I purchased the hgh product from you. My energy level as well as my overall strength has increased dramatically

  117. eric

    Great product. Works very well with me. Quite effective and quick result.
    I am placing my second order.

  118. TheGeneralLee

    This product really helped me push through my workouts even while working 12 hour shifts

  119. Jeremy Anshell

    This made me able to lose weight and hit the gym even if I’m in my late 40’s. This one is effective and it’s basically youth in a bottle.

  120. Connie Mack

    Works good!

  121. Carpet Guy

    Good pump

  122. Alessandra


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