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Manufacturer: Fulmen Pharma Europe
Substance: Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor
Pack: 4 vials x 2 mg



PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones is a synthetic peptide hormone used to aid in muscle growth and repair. The substance, Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, is a modified version of Mechano Growth Factor (MGF), which is naturally produced in the body in response to muscle damage and exercise.


PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones contains 2mg of Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor per vial. The substance is complexed with polyethylene glycol (PEG) molecules, which helps to protect it from degradation and extend its half-life in the body.


PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones is primarily used to stimulate muscle growth and repair. It can be used by athletes and bodybuilders as part of a performance-enhancing regimen, as well as by individuals looking to recover from injuries or improve their overall muscle mass and strength.

Usage and Dosage:

The recommended dosage of PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones is 200mcg to 400mcg per day, administered via subcutaneous injection. The substance should be used for a cycle of 4-6 weeks, followed by a break of 4-6 weeks before use is resumed.

Storage Conditions:

PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. The substance should be kept sealed and protected from moisture and contamination.

Mechanism of Action:

PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones works by stimulating the growth and repair of muscle tissue. The substance binds to receptors on muscle cells, triggering the activation of satellite cells and the subsequent formation of new muscle fibers.


PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones should not be used by individuals with a history of allergic reactions to peptide hormones or any of its ingredients. The substance should also be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women.


PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones may interact with other medications or supplements. Users should consult with their healthcare provider before combining PEG-MGF with any other substances.

Side Effects:

The most common side effects of PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones are injection site reactions, such as swelling, redness, and discomfort. Other potential side effects may include nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. Users should seek medical attention if they experience any severe or persistent side effects.


PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones is manufactured by Fulmen Pharma Europe, a reputable manufacturer of high-quality peptide hormones.

64 reviews for Buy PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones Online

  1. Joyce

    after about 10 days, I began seeing results. I am sleeping better, and I am experiencing fat loss.

  2. Joyce

    Took like two weeks and I could start seeing results

  3. Jack Mehoff

    I liked how fast I could see and feel results

  4. Harriet

    Great Product

  5. Jedediah Smith

    This is my first time ordering it an was satisfied with how fast it got delivered an was intrigued with the claims on this product… I’ve had a couple of weeks to try out this product… i started taking them as prescribed, twoat a time… In just these couple short weeks ive realized being more energetic or just ready for anything through out the day… I also can feel more full/swoll… Over all i will definitely recommend this product an continue to purchase this product once a month… Truly excelled my expectations… 1000%

  6. Alva

    Liking so far

  7. Brett

    This is my first time trying HGH supplements for men. I have noticed an improvement in the gym, having more energy from start to finish. I also recover faster, less soreness and ready to hit the gym the next day.

  8. Ryan

    Use as Directed!!! It does work!!!

  9. Douglas R.

    I’m 33, @ 30, I needed naps around 2pm, felt sluggish, tired, couldn’t concentrate and had a lack of care for things I prefered too do. Also metabolism slowed way down, starting gaining weight around midsection…never thought that could happen.I’ve been taking PEG_MGF for 3 weeks now. I’ve slimmed up, muscles got bigger denser, I feel stronger, I don’t feel the need too passout mid day. Idk how much I’ve out or gained. Idc about numbers. But I feel freaking fantastic. That’s what matters.

  10. Edwin

    So Far So Good

  11. Tboss317

    Exactly what I expected. It took a few days to get in the system and is working as expected. Very affordable compared to other HGH stimulators. I’ve always read its best to take this type of product at night since the body will not produce HGH unless you are sleeping. I will be buying more as soon as its back in stock!! I did reach out to the company regarding product availability and within an hour received a response! The company said on 02/05/2021 they are amping up production to keep up with demand and will have more soon.

  12. Charles

    Cut my recovery time in half!

  13. joshua brooks

    Awesome! Very fast shipping! Well packed! Thank you very much!

  14. Francis Dayon

    love it

  15. Heba

    fast delivery

  16. WMJA

    Great product & service!

  17. Rotasha


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  19. david

    I love this hgh. I’ve been taking it every day for weeks, and I feel amazing.

  20. Jose Perez

    good for my son!

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  22. YUKA K.

    My son has taken this product and the result is good so far!

  23. Nitza a.

    Great product

  24. Tatiana

    Great product, for kids that want to be taller

  25. Sunita

    Good buy

  26. Carmen

    It’s work

  27. Rahul

    Hi I just started using the product I am positive it’s gonna help.

  28. Autumn Bradley

    I believe everyone should try it

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  30. charlotte molina-rivera

    I got this product for my son and he is almost finished his first kit and has gained 2cm already. I will continue to buy this product for my son.

  31. brandiekc

    Good product

  32. Sofia

    great Customer Service and high quality Product

  33. Gabs_Meow

    It really works great

  34. Melissa

    Good product

  35. Peggy D.

    I’ve been taken this hgh daily since they arrived, I am pleasantly surprised with them, the usual back soreness and stiffness after doing a lot of activities or sitting too long in front of a computer have actually gone away, I am able to work and sit longer than before, they must be providing the nutrients that are needed for bone support, I’m glad I got these and I will continue to use it, Great hgh! Recommend it!

  36. Allison Chandler

    Great product

  37. PJS

    Courteous, Swift Customer Service

  38. Brie

    I like it!

  39. Laura R.

    They Work! Buy them.

  40. Roger

    Works as advertised. Will be ordering more.

  41. Tomiko

    It really works got strong bench press 365 was benching 300 love this stuff

  42. E.Jones

    I have to buy it each month or when I have to Refill.

  43. edward durand

    Lo recomiendo

    Todo bien!

  44. Zach S

    Best hgh I have ever taken that helped with recovery ..

  45. Sid

    This product gave me energy in the gym and in the bedroom. No after issues at all!

  46. Nicolynn

    Me. Strength has definitely gone up, will
    Continue using, and will
    Update again soon.

  47. Aruna21

    Have noticed muscle gain after 1 box

  48. The Stallion

    Best mass gainer product ever

  49. jkp

    Works Great

  50. Master P

    One of my friends recommended this product

  51. Efren

    strength increase

  52. Radian21

    I have tried product for 2 cycles and see result in work out duration, strength and muscle growth

  53. Jared

    It works

  54. Jose

    Exelente producto lo recomiendo 100%

  55. CPAguy

    I like it a lot! Definitely will use again!

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    Feel great. Look great. Perfect product. What I have been looking for.

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    I’ve enjoyed the energy I feel when taking peg-mgf.

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    I liked the product and will get more

  63. Malcolm Aldridge

    Good stuff!

  64. Matt

    It s helped me have some results even when I had mediocre workouts. I ll continue to take it.

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