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ODINTROPIN is a human growth hormone solution that enhances muscle growth and recovery, increases bone density, and regulates blood sugar levels. It is a powder solution that can be injected subcutaneously and should be taken regularly for optimal results. ODINTROPIN is effective in reducing body fat, enhancing energy levels, and improving cognitive function.



Odintropin 36IU is a recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It is a prescription medication that is available as an injectable solution.

Odintropin 36IU contains 36 International Units (IU) of recombinant human growth hormone as the active ingredient. It also contains other excipients, including glycine, mannitol, sodium phosphate, and polysorbate 20.

Odintropin 36IU is primarily used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It is also used to treat short stature associated with Turner syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency, or Prader-Willi syndrome. Odintropin 36IU may also be used for other conditions as determined by a healthcare provider.

Usage and Dosage:

Odintropin 36IU is given as an injection under the skin, usually once a day. The dosage and duration of treatment will vary depending on the individual’s age, weight, and medical condition. Healthcare providers will determine the appropriate dosage for each individual based on their specific needs.

Storage Conditions:

Odintropin 36IU should be stored in a refrigerator between 2°C and 8°C. It should not be frozen or shaken. Once the medication has been mixed, it should be used immediately or refrigerated and used within 14 days. Unused portions of the solution should be discarded.

Mechanism of Action:

Odintropin 36IU works by stimulating the growth and differentiation of cells in the body. It promotes skeletal and organ growth by stimulating the synthesis of protein and cartilage. It also increases the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, which helps to provide energy for growth.


Odintropin 36IU should not be used by individuals who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication. It should also not be used by individuals who have active malignancies or who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Odintropin 36IU should not be used for weight loss, bodybuilding, or anti-aging purposes.


Odintropin 36IU may interact with other medications, including oral estrogens, oral corticosteroids, and anticonvulsants. Healthcare providers should be informed of all medications that an individual is taking before prescribing Odintropin 36IU.

Side Effects:

Side effects of Odintropin 36IU may include injection site reactions, such as pain, swelling, or redness. Other side effects may include headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, weakness, nausea, vomiting, or fever. Severe side effects, such as allergic reactions, may occur in rare cases.


Odintropin 36IU is a recombinant human growth hormone used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It is given as a daily injection under the skin and should be stored in a refrigerator. Healthcare providers will determine the appropriate dosage based on an individual’s specific needs. Side effects may occur, and individuals should be aware of potential interactions with other medications.

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  1. Jay Giesecke

    I use this product to help with stubborn body fat and increase my metabolism. I feel that it has done this as well as increasing my lean body mass and increase my self-confidence.

  2. Ingrid Hirschenbrunner

    Great product.Gives me lots of stamina and energy throughout the day. However don’t recommend taking at night unless you need to stay awake.

  3. Ronald

    I can see the difference in my energy level and physical appearance. It takes good diet and regular exercise as well as the hgh.

  4. AJ

    Good product

  5. Reg

    Needed an aid with muscle recovery, which I think that it did help. My lower back pain was definitely feeling better after a few weeks of taking this product.

  6. B. Sampson

    I Like this product. Seems to be working, added to my regular supplements, along with regular exercise three to four times a week. Waiting to see more results but I don’t feel sick when taking it. Overall great product

  7. Jimin Shin

    It helps to strengthen the muscles after exercise.

  8. bdemeris

    Beginning second week. Today there was a noticable difference in work out. I’m 60 and still had to increase weight twice to get a good burn.

  9. Jose A. Santiago

    Awesome product! Felt a difference after a couple of days. Also, great customer support from them. Definitely going to buy again.

  10. Trevor Webb

    Seemed to have reduced my recovery between weightlifting sessions.

  11. Lionel

    Rapid Recovery!

  12. Marvin

    Starting to make a difference.

  13. Max

    Trying it out

  14. Gabriel Vera

    Lo estoy utilizando para mis ejercicios diarios en el gym y me ha ido de maravilla. Resultados grandiosos

  15. Stephen H.

    I’ve been in a base-building phase in my running training, including weight training and body-weight training. I’ve been using odintropin to gain strength in the form of some muscle mass during this phase, and I’ve noticed positive changes.

  16. Joyce

    Five Stars

  17. Juan

    love them keeps my sex life alive “)

  18. Sumara

    This is the best product to get the job done !!!! Def my new go to will order again n again after that

  19. Amber

    This product is indeed the best value for your money and great to use every day. The strength gains are incredible.

  20. Pseudopod

    Something I have noticed is a good pump during the workout

  21. Miranda Pewitt

    Customer Service is on point

  22. J.R.S.

    It has really worked for me

  23. Kay

    quick shipment and all items packed well

  24. Faith Zwarych

    Great product

  25. JAYSON

    odintropin supports their bone development effectively. Since they took it without missing a day, they now look taller and healthier. Thank you . Will order again and again.

  26. Dung Thai

    I just want to thank you for your customer service attitude, which is very professional and kind. As for the product, my son has used 1 box and has grown 1 inch, and I continued Continuously bought the second box. And I will continue to support you,thank you so much❤️

  27. Alyssa Marie James

    My honest opinion is that this is slowly doing its job. My son is short for his age and this seems to be helping him catch up to his peers. Slowly building his confidence. We will continue, we are satisfied.

  28. Kate

    Great for growing pre-teen boys

  29. sandra

    This works. Guys dont be so quick to review. My son grew 2 inches in 2 months.

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    It is a great product. Our kids love it, it has worked for us quite well already and we will order more in the future. It does not have any side effects,works quite well and the kids love it.

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    It’s an amazing product and works really well. My 12 year old son has been taking this for months and grown about 3inches. He has more energy and thicker bones. Best thing we’ve ever tried. 100% worth reordering!

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    i was 5’7″ and now i’m 5’9″. I love this product change my life know i’m not short .

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  35. sureshot

    I bought several bottles from you for my two sons ages 11 and 14. I believe this hgh is contributing to their growth

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    I am Very Impressed

  37. Jim Shaunhessy

    I have always wondered if this works, but after tracking the height of my 15 year old daughter, this has thoroughly confirmed my feelings. She has grown a whole 2 inches in a year! She has also mentioned she has been “just feeling better” too.

  38. Sean OBrien

    My height was only 5’2″. Now my height is 5’9″ and is still increasing. Have a try, you have nothing to lose. Thank you for creating the closest thing to a miracle product I’ve seen in this industry.

  39. Joearbeely

    Great stuff

  40. Judge Mental

    Quality Product

  41. Greyson

    I started taking the product about 2 weeks ago, and I have definitely felt an increase in power and ability in the gym. I have also put on 3 lb since beginning the product, and at this stage of the game, that is incredible.

  42. Heber Garcia

    Used it to get an edge on my workouts and it helped tremendously. Can really feel the difference.

  43. Vanessa S

    this company I trust

  44. Scott S.

    This stuff is AMAZING!

  45. J. C. M. Bannerman

    Love the value for the price.

  46. Castello

    Lab Results

  47. R. Copley

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    I began buying odintropin recently. I have found that odintropin are way ahead of the competition in research and quality.

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    Great to help with energy levels

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    this product is great started working almost immediately

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    Great help in losing weight and making me feel young again

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    they have been helping me lose weight!

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    Have been using for a month and have seen positive results. Great customer service.

  56. Ryan Morris

    Great hgh supplement for men.

  57. NorCal925

    Works as advertised

  58. shannon g.

    I had been noticing that my cognitive level seemed to be declining which happens with age. (I’m 47)
    I also have maladjusted hormone levels and this product has helped with both areas. Great product

  59. DaBuick

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    It doesnt get much better than this!

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    Noticeable improvements in alertness and circulation.

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  67. PretzelMan

    Energy Booster!

  68. Jessica Hahn

    Producted worked as it should. I saw results by using it. Made me feel full so I didnt eat as big of a porportion that I usually do. Would buy it again!

  69. R. Fioroni

    I’ve just begun taking this product, but can already see results. I’ve honestly lost fat surprisingly quick. I’m very impressed.

  70. MANUEL

    This product has been working good so far

  71. Forman Smith

    I really love the way it makes me feel in the morning. I feel awake and it last though out the day. Thanks again.

  72. Daniel Ellis

    Awesome product

  73. Randall B.

    I enjoy taking the ODINTROPIN, I have been taking this HGH for two weeks now and I can see the change in my body, strength wide and energy wide I am also feeling great.

  74. Jokeem Odum

    Very great product. I can really tell that my reps are becoming better in the gym. I would love to try a pre workout to further enhance my gains.

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    I would definitely recommend this product to individuals looking for boosted strength

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    Five Stars

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    Very helpful supplement


    I like how this product works!

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    A very good product

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    These hgh consistently give me more energy when I take them. I’m a shift worker so there are times that may need them more than others and they deliver every time that I take them.

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    I loved it will continue using odintropin

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    Noticed some gains in muscle after 1 box

  83. James R. Joyner

    This is my second box of the product. The first one I bought it in VS. Since over two months ago when I first started to use it, I have really good results.
    It’s not just take the hgh, is to be very consecutive with training.

    My training is to be in good shape, not to grow a big body.

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    Craziest pump of my life

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    Excellent product and would absolutely purchase again without hesitation! Overall this product gives you energy like no other and every day I am constantly hitting new PRs! I feel great and extremely healthy better than I was 2-5 years ago.

  89. Steven Garcia

    Great product! My intensity has been better since taking this and my workouts have been longer.

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