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Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 10 vials * 3.3 mg
Dosage: 100 IU



Brief Introduction

Although Qitrope is not the only effective human growth hormone but it is one of the most effective because it is closer in structure to the human growth hormone more than other growth hormones and it has the same 191 amino acids as the human growth hormone. Since it is in form of an injection, it can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

While it is produced in China, the drug can be found in several countries in Europe and in the United States. Remember that the United States has strict rules when it comes to drugs. So, any drug that has been allowed into the U.S. is safe and also effective.

Functions of the drug

• It boosts growth hormone and also facilitates growth all over the human body.
• It reduces the cholesterol level in the body.
• It aids fat burning.
• It regulates the functioning of the heart and prevents heart diseases.
• The drug increases immunity and also regulates the production of immunoglobulins in the body.
• It helps to protect the liver from toxic substances.
• By increasing the production of protein all over the body, it facilitates the healing of wounds.

How to use the drug

After applying it, make sure you wait for at least 12 weeks before applying it again. In addition, if you choose to apply it subcutaneously, make sure you apply it slowly. It is best applied in the abdominal area. However, you need to change the site each time you want to administer the drug to prevent atrophy of subcutaneous fat.

It is best you store the drug in a dry state at the temperature of about to 2 to 8 degrees which can only be found in the refrigerator. Here is an important warning. Being suitable for the refrigerator does not mean it is suitable to be stored in the freezer. Don’t keep it in the freezer. Not even for a second.

Due to how effective it is, Qitrope has been enjoying increasing demand all over the world and that is why it has been counterfeited several times. However, you can verify the originality of the drug by scratching the sticker on both sides. A 16-digit code will be revealed to you. Enter the code into the online anti-counterfeit form on the manufacturer’s website and click the “verify” button. If it is original, it will be confirmed to you.

It is important to consult your doctor before you take the drug so that he can assist in its preparation and also prescribe the right dosage for you.

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119 reviews for Buy HGH Qitrope 100IU Online

  1. Kevin Dunn

    This stuff is awesome. Week 1 I started feeling more energy in the gym. Now on week 3 I am definitely building mass and I am able to go longer and harder in the gym without muscle fatigue. Recovery seems to have improved as well.

  2. Proformvinyl

    After one week of using the product I began to see results during my work outs also helps sleep better at night

  3. Tim

    Worth the money

  4. theresa

    Easy to take. Definitely felt it during my workouts. Increase in weight for each exercise.

  5. Meredith

    I have to say this product is the best hgh I ever tried for muscle growth energy!! I’m pulling more reps adding more weight more resistance making abs and squats with weights is just amazing! I don’t have any second effects wth others

  6. Keith

    Excellent product! Perfect combination of ingredients for a great …

  7. Eden


  8. Darren

    I advise anyone tonuse this on a bicep or chest workout. Most people have a tendency to have a better mind and muscle connnection. your off to the races with a non stim preworkout pump matrix that takes your workout to the next level!

  9. Kenny

    I’m very pleased with the results. Very happy with it and will be looking into their other products as well.

  10. Wanda Stevens

    I train really hard with very short rest periods. I just never got tired! Then after two weeks I realized my strength had gone up as well. This has no side effects.. No jitters.. Nothing like that. I highly recommend this product. It’s really quite awesome!

  11. Charneshia

    showed up on time!

  12. Jan Nichols

    very good item I loved

  13. Marsha

    Item received, great service, thanks!

  14. Andreea

    My daughter has started using this product, It is too early to determine actual height growth, but we are hopeful for that.

  15. kiera m.

    Great Product

  16. 3lias

    So far we are very pleased with this hgh.

  17. Imlay

    Works pretty well.

  18. Sisile Maruzzelli

    Good for teen

  19. Fit Diva


  20. RAE

    It does what it says it does

  21. Evelyn Tolliver

    qitrope is amazing!

  22. Era Carroll

    Five Stars

  23. Rachel Hert

    I love this product.

  24. Shirley

    Started taking this 3 months ago and have grown from 171 to 172cm and still growing. Aged 15

  25. Amy

    Loved this product! Good results

  26. Schnäppchenjäger


  27. Raymer

    updated 2022 I started taking it in July when I was 16 was 5 foot 8 and now this is January and I am now 5 foot 10. Highly recommended

  28. MM

    overall, I am satisfied with this product and recommend all to try it!

  29. darlene

    What suits you is the best

  30. Laura

    qitrope is a good friend of my son. It changes his height dramatically without side effects. the price is reasonable and I think it’s a good investment for his future. I completely trust in the product. Highly recommended!

  31. Kate

    I’m hoping the best on this product

  32. Philip E. Madrid

    I saw definite improvements in my performance and muscle growth in a single month using the product. I bought a new one before I ran out of the old one

  33. Brian E. Grondin

    Good results

  34. Spiderman

    Definitely seeing improved body definition. Plan on continuing to use this hgh.

  35. Jake R.

    Definitely the real deal

  36. Nell Johnson

    More reps, more willpower, longer workouts! So awesome!!

  37. AxonJag

    Definitely worth a try!

  38. lovedavdubs

    I like it so far and plan on ordering more! Been using this qitrope for about a month and have noticed subtle but motivating improvements in the way I’ve felt and the extra pumps I’ve been able to squeeze out of my gym workouts which overall leads to more gains.

  39. james

    Solid product. my strength has increased over time, I can feel the difference when using this product. Definitely worth it, I plan on continuing to use qitrope.

  40. Luke

    I feel amazing when I take this. here is something in this that just makes you want to lift everything in sight. WARNING: You will want to lift all heavy objects in sight, such as chairs, pets, and even people lol. Im serious! I bench press my fiancé (she’s 5’1″)

  41. Adam

    This powder is phenomenal!

  42. Collin

    I purchased qitrope with the attempt to loose weights and during my usage I ended up loosing five pounds. I have cancer and need to bring me weight down and eat healthy and I believe qitrope can help me with that.

  43. Rusty Shackelford

    I recommend this to athletes

  44. Jerome Deekman

    So my usage of this supplement got a little broken up by the Christmas holiday so I have week 1-3 but not a clean 4 week test period. I started at approximately 167lbs and made it up to 178lbs over this period! Which is a relatively big jump for me tbh, I really like this stuff! Two thumbs up for this stuff man.

  45. Tim Elzinga

    Great, clean supplement

  46. Greyt

    losing fat and maintaining muscle, whilst increasing strength. feel this gives me an extra edge.

  47. Barb Leik

    This product did exactly what I hoped . I ve been trying to rebuild strength and endurance. My job isn t conducive to a good, consistent training schedule and I was getting buried by workouts. I started taking qitrope and about three weeks in started noticing that I was getting through workouts with a little more intensity and my body didn t want to quit as quickly as it had been. I hit a PR on my deadlift and got close on cleans. I use a monitor to monitor my heart rate and HRV. My HR doesn t seem to climb as high during workouts while my HRV has improved over the past month. I d recommend this product to anyone I coach that s looking to build muscular volume and endurance.

  48. Franklin B. Mackenzie

    Your workouts will never be the same after you try this!

  49. Ed J.

    I was use one box and I can see a good results I gain 12 pounds I so very happy

  50. sally weed

    Pretty good so far

  51. bootsarewalkin

    Very impressed and will continue to purchase.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

  52. Chris Austin

    Noticed a difference after 7 days but I have been able to do extra work after a workout. I do Crossfit so it is awesome to be able to keep going after a WOD I will PR at 30 days to see what the gains are and update, I work out 5-6 days a week

  53. jakarta12

    Great product

  54. Richard Livers

    They really work

  55. monica

    Good product, would recommend to give it a try

  56. Stuart

    Army Physical Training feel more energized, more stamina and endurance

  57. P A.

    I started taking the qitrope around two weeks ago, and I can definitely tell a difference. I can push myself harder during workouts, and after working out my muscles feel swollen (in a good way lol). My legs and butt have toned up a bit, and I’m excited to see additional results as I continue using it!

  58. Rikardo R.

    This stuff is the “next level of gains” if you find yourself stuck in a rut and wanting to take your training to the next level then this is for you. Also maybe you are just wanting to see some fast results. Once you see the results quick like I did then you will see why this stuff is so popular. Its because its got some seriously good ingredients. If you want quality I have found that this brand in particular delivers in that category. Will update my progress and results after my kits done.

  59. Steve W Lee

    I had good results in building a more pronounced physique. I was able to bulk up a bit using the product.

  60. Graham J

    Along with my daily workout, I feel stronger, it really helps, love this stuff

  61. Ashley Wimberly


  62. Stephen Scott Huffman


  63. Clint E Dunham

    Great product – it works

  64. Molly

    I really liked it! I was not expecting how great the taste would be, I also gained a noticeable amount of muscle and strength as well! Love it! it has been by far the best hgh I ve tried! Thanks

  65. Debra

    Seeing positive changes

  66. Jeremy

    it really works

  67. Wolf

    No kidding, this stuff really does work

  68. David Valentine

    Best muscle supplement I’ve ever taken! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to build solid muscle. I’ve noticed a difference in only 6 days! Worth the price and received it fast. I’ll always continue to use this product as long as I decide to keep working out!

  69. Mike John

    Worth the price

  70. ccs

    Was able to put on 20lbs of muscle in 3 months on this, definitely think it have me an edge!

  71. Bullet60

    Actually works

  72. Evo Howard

    I’ve been using qitrope for 2 weeks and have already added 20lbs to my bench press (315-335). I had hit a plateau and was unable to get gains and qitrope has helped take my weight lifting to a new level. Will be buying more after I finish with this.

  73. KK

    So far so great!

  74. BM

    I’ve been using qitrope for about 3 weeks. I have more endurance to work harder and have seen an improvement in my strength and muscle size.
    the results speak for themselves.

  75. Nadia Kiffin Green

    Great product

  76. john krzyska

    Getting Big

  77. Jon Boldt

    Getting great results afyet 25 years of lifting.

  78. anteres

    like always not disappointed with qitrope

  79. Aneta

    On couple occasions I forgot to take it and I could tell the difference in my mood. I would become easily irritable and stressed over little things. This product helps me stay organized and focused. I am more calm. Even my husband noticed the difference. I just received my third box.

  80. Mr. Procrastinator

    Great product with great value

  81. David S

    Great Stuff

  82. Michael Hizey

    Overall energy level is higher. Stomach has become flatter. Metabolism seems to be faster.

  83. Michael

    Great Supplement

  84. Greshley

    Five Stars

  85. Gideon

    It’s the best hgh I have

  86. Juan Carlos Afane

    Great Product!

  87. Aegis IT

    Five Stars

  88. Emily


  89. Gandalf

    increase in my labido in about 4 days really great product!

  90. Richard D.

    Works great!

  91. Panagiotis

    Great results from taking the minimum dose required.

  92. Antonio Fraga Junior

    Feel more energy throughout the day and last longer when working out.

  93. B. Thompson


  94. Woopigwoodsman

    A definite must for well being !! Treat yourself!

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  96. mitch bender

    Great results!

  97. Lonestybee

    It felt like I had more energy

  98. Bridget G

    Perfect for anyone!

  99. Kjay

    5 stars

  100. Jon Schemanske

    It does what is says!

  101. Roxy Lang

    this product deserves a bit more recognition!

  102. Channing Parker

    qitrope is extremely high quality and I recommend it to everyone. If you are looking for results, go with QITROPE .

  103. obsidianbeard

    I’m delighted (and relieved) at the difference.

  104. JJ

    Great for muscle building

  105. Paula

    best ever!!

  106. Suzanna

    I hardly ever get sore even in my most gruel workouts because of this stuff. Go buy it now

  107. Courtenay


  108. Matthew Smith

    I take this daily and I’ve noticed that after a few hours I’m no longer sore from previous workouts and my stamina has dramatically increased allowing for more reps.

  109. William Scorpio

    I’m a believer

  110. Tommy

    I will keep using this product!

  111. DFields

    I feel stronger, have more endurance lifting and I also sleep better!

  112. Erik99

    Great results!

  113. Video Man

    After using for three weeks felt increased strength and way better recovery. Definitely would use again

  114. Mr. J

    I started taking this about 2 weeks ago and so far, I have a lot more endurance and drive during my workouts and I have gained 2lbs so far. Looking forward to seeing where I am at when the cycle ends.

  115. David Ngarambe

    Great product! Fast delivery! Significant strength gains!

  116. JOBrien

    Muscle growing fast & no effects

  117. Byron Lacy

    I can definitely tell an increase in energy and a better sleep pattern.

  118. Big Kev

    Very good product, it helped me out a lot more than other products that i have tried.

  119. ThaKang76

    I like the energy boost this gives me.

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