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Kigtropin is a synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. It promotes the growth of muscle tissue and increases bone density. The medication is administered through subcutaneous injection, and dosage and duration vary depending on the individual’s condition.



Kigtropin is a synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) that is used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. The drug is manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company and is widely available in many countries. Kigtropin is a highly potent anabolic agent that promotes the growth and development of muscle tissue, bone density, and other body tissues.

Kigtropin contains a synthetic form of human growth hormone (HGH) that is identical to the naturally occurring hormone in the body. Each vial of Kigtropin contains 10 IU of HGH in a lyophilized powder form. The drug also contains other excipients like mannitol, sodium phosphate, and glycine.

Kigtropin is used for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children and adults. In children, it is used to treat growth failure due to various medical conditions like Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, chronic kidney disease, and idiopathic short stature. In adults, Kigtropin is used to treat the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, including decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, decreased bone density, and decreased energy levels.

Usage and Dosage:
Kigtropin is administered via subcutaneous injection. The dosage and duration of treatment depend on the individual’s condition and their response to the treatment. The recommended starting dose for children is 0.1 IU/kg/day, and for adults, it is 0.2-0.3 IU/kg/day. The drug is usually administered once daily before bedtime. It is important to follow the dosage instructions provided by the healthcare provider.

Storage Conditions:
Kigtropin should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. The drug should be kept in the refrigerator between 2-8°C. Do not freeze or shake the vial. The drug should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Mechanism of action:
Kigtropin works by stimulating the growth of cells and tissues in the body. It binds to specific receptors in the body and initiates a signal cascade that leads to the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 promotes cell proliferation, differentiation, and growth of skeletal muscle, bone, and other tissues.

Kigtropin is contraindicated in individuals with active malignancy, hypersensitivity to any of the drug components, severe respiratory impairment, acute illness, or open epiphyses. It should also be avoided in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as individuals with diabetes, severe obesity, or a history of intracranial hypertension.

Kigtropin may interact with certain medications, including corticosteroids, antidiabetic drugs, and somatostatin analogs. These medications may interfere with the effectiveness of Kigtropin. Therefore, it is important to inform the healthcare provider of any medications or supplements being taken before starting Kigtropin.

Adverse Reactions:
Kigtropin may cause some adverse reactions, including injection site reactions, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, edema, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In rare cases, it may also cause allergic reactions, increased intracranial pressure, or acromegaly. If any adverse reactions are experienced, it is important to inform the healthcare provider immediately.

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    As advertised, the 2-3 week mark is when I began to notice an increase in muscle mass and strength. I personally haven’t noticed much improvement to muscle endurance/stamina but maybe I will by the time I get through my second box which I’ll be ordering this week. I would definitely recommend trying this product.

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    Used them for a month and assessed my results. All I can say is the results have been amazing. I have gained a ton of muscle in my upper body in particular. My chest has always been my week spot and I have noticed that area is now one of my strongest. The reason why I turned to these products is because I felt like I hit a wall. I was going to the gym 4 times a week and mixing up my lifts but I didn’t seem to be gaining anymore muscle like I did earlier on. I seemed to hit a plateau as many would say. Within a couple weeks after taking kigtropin my bench press increased, my deadlift increased. and my squats were off the charts. I can’t believe kigtropin would help this much. Well you definitely get what you pay for and this hgh is no exception to that rule.

  135. Afteryou8

    I have been a fan of kigtropin since they came on the market. And so far, everything I have used has worked exactly as promised. kigtropin actually worked better than I expected. I was looking to add muscle, which I did, but I also saw a measurable increase in my VO2Max, which I tracked through my Garmin running watch. I did not expect that and I was very pleasantly surprised. It s very rare to make gains both in the gym and on my runs. I doubt there is any product out there that can even come close to duplicating this hgh. And I doubt you would get the significant results that this product delivers in such a short amount of time. kigrtropin has already put it together in one perfect formula. This product OVER delivers! Worth the price.Body fat % down 2%. Weight stayed the same. Trap bar Dead lift PR went from 275lbs to 305lbs.

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    you absolutely notice a difference when you take this product. A few things I noticed from my first week of use… My workouts are more explosive, Im not fatigued as easily, and my muscles are very noticeably bigger. And that may sound vague but its one of those deals when you look in the mirror and youre like wow im a lot bigger and this stuff may actually be working. Hey, all I can say is for the price you better be seeing some serious results and it did not disappoint

  137. Chi Guy

    I am a 55 year old, 6’1″ 206 pound male. I am former military and I was a deadly martial artist in my youth. As I aged my energy level and ‘bounce back’ slowly declined. Of late, when returning home from work all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and rest. I have not exercised in about seven years. At one point my weight creeped up to 226 pounds. I changed my diet and dropped 20 pounds. A couple of months ago I decided, as I often do, to take control of my health again. So I started working out, which has not gone well. My drive was in the dirt and my recovery sucked. I assumed my testosterone must be lacking. I reviewed several products and purchased a testosterone product . The product actually helped. I felt my drive returning and I had a growing desire to do more than sit on the sofa after work. However, it was not enough for the exercise response I sought. Perhaps, in time, it would have been. enter kigrtropin, and as time passed I felt the change. I wanted to workout! As I lifted weights I wanted to keep going! My recovery between sets reminded me of my youth. I had to force myself to not overdo it, as I do not want to injure myself so soon and lose what little gains I achieved. As tempting as it was to go on, I stuck to my workout plan as I know my tendons and other connective tissue has been sedentary for years and is not ready for heavy loads. Strength building is a process where you have to bring not just your muscles, but also your tendons, cartilage, joints, and skeletal tissue along for the journey. In my youth I could run five miles, or workout hard for an hour and a half come home, shower, and make love as though I just woke up that morning. I didn’t need recovery time following exercise, and I exercised hard. Currently, thanks to kigtropin, I have that sensation again. Recovery takes very little time. I highly recommend this product simply because it delivers as advertised. Follow the instructions. More is not better, consistency is.

  138. LuxQue

    You know some supplements you have to question whether or not it is working? Maybe its just placebo? Well not with this one. Immediately after first use you have this new vigor or stamina that is hard to explain but you feel like you can workout for hours and never get tired. After your workout you feel great and then after about 4 or 5 days of use I started to see some real gains in my chest and shoulders. Never had I ever had a very big chest but I asked my girlfriend and she definitely noticed a difference in my chest definition. Trust me she is a hard critic too. Overall its an amazing hgh that you can really see the results from fast which is really awesome.

  139. Josh

    Ok like many others im sure I was a little taken back by the price of this product. Was really skeptical but did a simple google search on some of the ingredients. What I found was EXTREMELY promising. Long story short, I took a chance on this product and I legit noticed a huge difference in my muscle definition and size within like a week or so. I hit a PR on my bench press and have never been stronger in my life. Yes the hype is real, and yes this product works and it works WELL. Take a chance on this you won’t be disappointed.

  140. MVA

    all of my numbers are showing dramatic improvements regarding resistance training; from resistance loads, number of sets and recovery time. I feel as though I was already losing fat and gaining muscle prior to being this regimen, but undoubtedly have been reaping new and incredibly fast results with these supplements. I’m getting my testosterone tested this coming week, although for just the first time, and will get it tested again in four to six months to see what’s going on with it.

  141. Javier

    This is by far the best muscle gain product I’ve ever taken. All my life I have been a hard gain when it comes to building muscle despite putting in the work. After using this for about 6 month’s I see some real progress. I also feel faster recovery allowing me to work out more often and a bit longer each session. I love that they use the best ingredients with no filler or anything that’s not necessarily. No more wasting money on cheap products that only add fat and water weight. This product is incredible. I just can’t believe the astounding results I get with this product! Definitely a must try i promise you’ll be happy you did. Also worth mentioning the consistency is excellent.

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    Probably the Best supplement I have ever taken

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    This is far and above one of the best products I’ve used for muscle growth and development. This seems superior to other products because I never feel bloated or to full to excercise. The kigtropin provides a good deal of energy. Compared to the month or two with light excercises, weight training and yoga, I can see and feel a clear and present growth in muscles. I havent taken but maybe 2 days off of my 30 day challenge and I do believe that these products have helped me significantly with energy and muscle development. I will no longer be suggesting and referring any other products to anyone wanting to live a clean and healthy lifestyle while needing to see improvement in their excercises and muscle development. Period! Very happy customer

  150. Ken Weatherford Jr

    The product so far has been great and and given more energy and stamina. I would most definitely use again while also recommending to friends and family. No more wimpy arms and legs. I would very much to put it into my workout routine and see just what enormous gains I would get. So once again I can not recommend their products enough to anyone looking for something more to boost their gains.

  151. Andrew Mueller

    I have seen drastic improvement despite not being able to have as rigorous of a routine as I would like. I am bouncing back from injuries, so it’s amazing to see the results and the energy boost I get even on off days. I also really love how knowledgeable and helpful their support staff is! They’re not trying to sell you anything, they are very direct and clear with any questions you may have (for instance, if it’s necessary to stack certain products, or if you NEED the fat burn + muscle gain together, etc.), I really love this company! )

  152. Drew Nash

    One of the best products I have used for muscle gain. It s not promising you will get huge. What it will do is extend your time until muscle fatigue, allowing you to train harder and longer. I was able to add 10-50lbs onto all of my weights. I ve also used this product while doing fasted cardio and it s outstanding. It allowed me to run longer and harder while in fasted state and the ingredients help product my muscles so as not to lose those gains from running a lot and stealing proteins. Overall when you take this product you will absolutely notice a huge change in how you work out and the results will completely satisfy. Try for yourself. You can t lose with the kigtropin guarantee behind you.

  153. kmdshops

    Works as well as advertised in the opinion of this weight lifter

  154. djbike97

    Most amazing supplement I have used so far.

  155. Michael Kowalczyk

    I ve just finished two weeks using this and I m finally developing my arms/triceps. I haven t been able to shape my tricep muscle at all Now I m finally seeing a nice arc. I ve also somehow lost weight without doing cardio

  156. Dabloesco

    As a gym rat my entire life, I have noticed a considerable difference while taking this product. I had surgery recently and was looking for something to get back in shape quickly. This has done the trick and then some! About week 2, I was able to tell a difference in my endurance and strength (i.e. At the point of my workout where I’m typically gassing out, I feel like I’m just getting going). Weight loss was not a goal of mine but I’ve dropped 5 pounds in 3 weeks. After being out of the gym for almost 4 months, my strength is almost back to where it was prior to surgery. I still eat pizza, and drink beer like a normal dude and have still noticed a difference in physical appearance. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, totally worth it.

  157. EJ

    worked for me without the negative side effects. Only brand i will use

  158. Gerard M. Walsh

    This stuff is amazing!

  159. RogerDodger

    Excellent for muscle building!

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    Growth with kigtropin

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    On my 2nd bottle

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    Better muscle definition!! It has to be paired with intense strength training of course

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    I definitely have seen a difference in energy since I started using the supplement. In addition, I feel more alert and energetic. Great supplement and great price!

  172. Eric

    I take this every day, this hgh is a recommendation from my doctor. I wake up feeling great, and completely on track. I have not felt any side effects from this product, and I’m feeling great!

  173. Claudia Aguirre

    I feel the difference since taking kigtropin. I feel great.

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    All good!!!

  175. GanskiRules

    Five Stars

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    I actually love it, it has made me look and feel 10 years younger

  177. bobbi

    I have seen a huge change to my attitude.

  178. Tink

    I feel and sleep better every night now. Feel less sore after working out.

  179. Alonzo Dassinger

    I noticed changes in lean muscles and diminished fat stores on my body! Great product!

  180. Jasen Machen

    Like the energy and stamina

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    Great product

  182. Dominique

    Saw results in less than 30 days

  183. Juan

    The product was recommended to me by a friend. I have only been taking it for about a week now, and already I can feel the difference. I definitely recommend it, and have to many of my friends.

  184. John A.

    Will order again!!

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