Eutropin PEN LG HGH 36IU


Active Ingredient and Capacity
Somatropin(recombinant human growth hormone) 36IU
Appearance & Packaging Unit
A dose-adjustable pen-type injection with a transparent cartridge containing a colorless or light yellow solution (Minimum adjustable volume is 0.5IU)
36IU : 36IU/1.69mL pen x 1 pc./boxStorage
In a hermetic container, keep refrigerated (2~8℃).


Eutropin PEN is a type of human growth hormone (HGH) produced by a multinational biopharmaceutical production company named LG Lifesciences. Eutropin PEN is designed to help treat conditions that result from a deficiency in human growth hormone, such as Turner’s syndrome, pituitary tumors, and dwarfism.

Eutropin PEN is typically marketed in a pre-filled pen that is easy to use and designed for self-administration by patients with growth hormone deficiencies. The pen has a dial that allows patients to measure out the exact amount of Eutropin they need to inject, making it an excellent choice for maintaining consistent HGH levels over time.

The active ingredient in Eutropin PEN is somatropin, which is a biosynthetic form of human growth hormone that is designed to mimic the body’s natural production of human growth hormone. This ingredient stimulates cell growth, tissue repair, and the production of IGF-1, which is an essential hormone for muscle growth and development.

While Eutropin PEN is generally considered safe when used as directed, side effects may occur in some patients, including swelling at the injection site, joint pain, muscle pain, and numbness. It is essential to talk to your doctor before using Eutropin PEN or any other form of human growth hormone to determine if it is right for you, based on your unique health profile and medical history.

In conclusion, Eutropin PEN is an effective form of human growth hormone designed to help treat conditions that result from a deficiency in this hormone. It is easy to use and provides consistent levels of HGH, making it an excellent choice for maintaining optimal HGH levels. However, it is essential to speak with a doctor before using Eutropin PEN or any other type of HGH to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your health needs.

104 reviews for Eutropin PEN LG HGH 36IU

  1. Linnette L.

    I feel faster recovery and and slightly more strength. It’s only been two weeks. Nothing crazy or major but I can see how over time it will get better.

  2. wesley dinkins

    Somethings just make sense and this purchase after reading and studying made sense to me!

  3. Conrad

    Wether or not this actually works, i gained 3inches taller, and i still have a few more bottles left for a week!. In all fairness, could be a placebo, could be a evident.

  4. Gabriel Reyes

    Love it!

  5. Clement

    I feel more energetic, and I’m seeing an increase in muscle size and definition!

  6. Devin

    Great HGH

  7. Bryan Ross Buchanan

    Great product. Definitely noticed an improvement in my recovery.

  8. Alten Simpson

    I took 2 months off from strength training. I came across this product so I decided to try it out. I’m starting to regain my strength and size.

  9. Cleveland


  10. Carl

    I take it to give me energy when h go to the gym. I’ve notice it helps with endurance and feel a lot better after work out. The recovery time is shorter

  11. The Lil Shop of Horrorz

    Overall Great Product Must Buy For Sustaining Energy

  12. Bartley

    Helped with lethargic feeling. I am able to keep my energy up to finish my day. Workouts are easier to get done.

  13. Bruce Wayne

    Worked for me personally

  14. Bran

    noticed gains in size about 3 weeks in. Positive experience.

  15. eric

    Seems to work

  16. Bertram

    Taken for a month. No negative side effects.

  17. Bruno

    Great product

  18. Buck

    Awesome Results

  19. Michael Lawrence Dubov

    It gave me the energy and gains I was looking for.

  20. Christopher

    helps with recovery

  21. Dunn

    felt great on my recovery had extra energy and wasnt as sore

  22. Enoch

    Taking the dosage at night before bed works best.

  23. Gene

    It does maintain energy levels throughout the day.

  24. William

    I suffer from anxiety. It causes extra hair loss, lack of sleep, acting irrational to situations and lack of focus, etc. I started taking the product to help with my anxiety. The first night I used it I noticed a big difference in my sleep. I slept so much better. I only use 2 drops before bed. As time went on I started noticing my hair growing back and not falling out as much, my sleep has gotten 90% better, my focus is better, situations that normally trigger my anxiety don’t affect me as much.

  25. Kelly

    Great product

  26. Makayla


  27. Ben Waldo

    great product and service

  28. Jen

    Best height growth hgh

  29. Lisa

    This is a great product! My son is growing!

  30. Abbas

    My teen just finished two boxes. It looks promising so far and we do not see any side effect. Will update after several months.

  31. Rose

    Bought this hgh for my 13 yo son. I believe it helps with him growing taller, hopefully it’ll continue to do so.

  32. Rachel Petroccitto

    Me and my daughter decided to get this she is 5’3 at 15 and wants to be 5’6.

  33. Ximena

    👌 Excelente!!! Ayuda mucho en el crecimiento de los niños.

  34. Tj Miranda

    Best for teenagers

  35. Aram

    great help for my son.

  36. Shwe Soe

    This product is good for my son who is 17 years old. I can see his improvement after he finished two boxes

  37. SA

    eutropin works 100 percent!

  38. Brenda Haire

    I have been ordered this product for years, it’s for my kids and my friends’ kids.

  39. Jrod

    After a couple months of using this product, I have noticed quite a difference in the height of my two sons. My youngest has grown about 4 inches in the last couple of months and they will continue to use this product. I recommend anyone to use this product.

  40. Dolores Cowell

    the product is great!

  41. Aimee Tanner Smith

    this is what I looking for

  42. gh

    eutropin is really helpful with stretching in increasing height. I did grow a few inch.

  43. Deanna

    Simply the best formula I’ve ever used to grow taller. I’ve got pretty good results.

  44. Julie

    Thanks to eutropin, now I can see my height’s increasing much.

  45. Susan

    This is literally the only product that has worked on height growth and has made me feel very good. I have loved it…

  46. Gonzalo Alvarez García

    Lo he estado tomando y me siento muy bien, no he tenido ninguna reacción adversa, me enviaron una serie de recomendaciones para potenciar el beneficio esperado y creo que funcionará, continuaré adquiriendolo para aumentar las probabilidades de éxito.

  47. Roger P.

    Haven’t been taking it long enough to see any significant gains but it does help with post workout soreness. I am very happy with the results so far.

  48. Capn Ron

    Like a post workout treat

  49. BM

    I definitely felt more fullness in my muscles within a few days and unfortunately that fullness was gone within a week of finishing the product.

  50. Jeffrey Smith

    The product definitely works I am not as sore after my workouts and my recovery time is definitely shorter!

  51. Robert Blody

    Taking this for a little over 2 weeks now. Seeing some strength gains.

  52. Kevin Fuhrman

    I love it. I use it everyday. I’ve gotten incredible results using it. I was skeptical at first, but I really saw results quickly.

  53. M Z.

    My recovery has improved quite a bit since start taking it. I believe this is a good staple to have if you take your workouts seriously. It provides that extra edge – not necessary to build muscle, but very nice and helpful to have it.

  54. Lynn

    Woohoo. Supercharge your 40s!

  55. Bill Frisbee

    Good results so far


    I had muscle weakness after a major surgery. I needed help regaining my strength. I decided to try this supplement because I heard only good comments about this. I tried it and within a couple weeks I noticed a difference in energy and strength. This gave me the confidence to work harder and I feel and see I was rewarded with increased strength and overall muscle development.

  57. Manuel.

    Normally I do not do reviews, but in this case, I think this product deserves it. Im a healthy 53-year-old Hispanic man. Im seeing better results (and less side effects) than before, my weight was 75Kg, now after a month Im at 78Kg, this increase in weight is not water nor fat, it’s muscle indeed as some colleagues and family have noted. Positive changes include, more stamina, morning erections and more power at bench press, I’ve been more focused at work and more relaxed.

  58. Steven H. Leibson

    Energy restored, muscle definition is coming back. My hormones are balanced and overall I feel much better every day. I especially love that I am not in a bad mood because how I felt. Now I feel great. Like a new person. I look better and most of all I feel the difference at the gym, at home, at work, and even when I am just waking up in the morning. Waking up has been the hardest part, actually the worse part. But thanks to eutropin, I am a brand new man. Thank you. I can’t thank you guys enough. But thanks again.

  59. Kurt

    Good product and good service.

  60. Leo N

    Great product from a great company

  61. Steve Callahan

    Great Product. Seems to be exactly what I needed

  62. lazza

    Good stuff

  63. philz

    Works great, no side effects

  64. alice

    I have been taking this supplement for two and a half weeks now. I have only lost a couple of pounds, but more importantly, my core is flatter like I am losing belly fat. At 67 years old, I was probably depleted of DHEA. My body is taking on a longer leaner (younger?) look. The most important thing to me is how I feel. I feel good and we all know when you feel good, you are good.

  65. AshV8r

    Works well

  66. Mark

    Looks like eutropin is just right for this 49 year old male. After a week of taking these my desire for the Woman is close to what it was in my late 20’s.

  67. DaveC

    Shocking Results

  68. Thomas Gray

    A must have supplement for athletic people

  69. Puromatic

    Felt improved sex drive. Hardening of muscles and improved strenght in the gym. My energy and recovery time after workouts has increased.

  70. Jeffrey

    So far so good

  71. Brendan O’Shaughnessy

    I feel so much better and my libido even improved

  72. P. Powers

    It seems to help. I have more energy.

  73. Mike

    Real deal

  74. Dave

    Works great

  75. K. Danford

    Five Stars

  76. A. K.

    Actual Strength Results

  77. David C Hendrickson

    Slow down aging

  78. Sadaka

    Increased energy, appearance of more dense fuller muscles

  79. Jfeely

    The product is giving me that extra boost and energy to get me through the day

  80. KG

    Five Stars

  81. Mark

    Great value/product

  82. Crystal

    I now feel as good as I did in my 20’s

  83. James A Gill

    This product is working well as advertised with both muscle mass and cognitive performance improvement as well. Worth a try!

  84. James


  85. The Gym Rat World

    I feel like I have more energy after about 3 weeks.

  86. Lux

    A+ Product

  87. Karen D

    I have noticed a definite difference in my waistline.

  88. Todd Kardas

    I really like this product you definitely feel and see results fast i will be getting this product again

  89. Katkellogs

    it works

  90. Ron

    Five Stars

  91. streetman

    Great product!

  92. mike glenn

    Worth your money

  93. Ida

    This product helps me build muscle and stay cut.This product changed my whole nutrition level and took it up several notches.

  94. John T. Reiff


  95. L. Cook

    This HGH works! It is the best for the money by far.

  96. L. G.

    Gives me several hours of energy for my workouts.

  97. John Mosby

    This is the best tool for keeping daily serum testosterone at correct levels for most men over age 20.

  98. Richard lugo

    augment my strength, endurance, and body composition. As a distance runner and outdoors person, Preserving my strength-to- body ratio while maintaining my fitness to participate & compete in sports and the all outdoors is precisely my reasoning.

  99. melvin montgomery

    I’ve used this product before and always liked the result. I would’ve renewed with Purity but they didn’t have an offer that was practical for my usage at the time.

  100. William G.Free

    Five Stars

  101. Grayson

    As advertised, the 2-3 week mark is when I began to notice an increase in muscle mass and strength. I personally have noticed much improvement to muscle endurance/stamina and I will by the time I get through my second box which I ll be ordering this week.I would definitely recommend trying this product.

  102. King Kizis

    highly recommend this product!

  103. eskay

    Seems to consist of quality ingredients

  104. Isaiah

    I’ve been working out for over 3 years and have always felt that I wasn’t reaching my Max potential, once I started taking the eutropin my pumps got better and I just felt like I could push harder, I would definitely recommend.

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