Buy Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 (10 mg/ml – 3x3ml) Online


Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 is a sterile, colorless, and transparent solution used for dermo-restructuring, with hyaluronic acid as its main component. Filorga produces Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10, which can restore volume, contour, and hydration to the skin. The product is cross-linked to increase stability and longevity, and it is safe and compatible with the body’s natural structures. Patients should avoid contraindications such as bleeding disorders and active infections.  Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10’s mechanism of action is to create a more youthful appearance by drawing in moisture, which also improves skin elasticity and volume.