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EYLEA Aflibercept 40mg/1ml is an effective medication developed by Bayer for the treatment of various eye disorders. It contains aflibercept, a recombinant fusion protein that targets VEGF A and PIGF that helps curb abnormal blood vessel growth, fluid leakage, and retinal damage. Initially approved for neovascular AMD treatment in November 2011, EYLEA has proven to be highly effective, reduces dependence on photodynamic therapy, and has a low incidence of non-ocular and ocular adverse effects. Apart from neovascular AMD, it has also been approved to treat DME and RVO in which clinical trials have shown significant improvement in visual acuity. EYLEA has several advantages over other anti-VEGF therapies, including a longer treatment interval, higher binding affinity for VEGF, and better safety in specific patient subgroups.