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Packaging Size 10vials x 10iu (100 IU)
Composition HGH Somatropin
Treatment For Grow Up Human Harmon’s
Age Group Adult
Prescription/Non prescription Non prescription
Usage/Application Muscle Building
Form Injection
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SOMA-MAX is a powerful synthetic peptide that utilizes human growth hormone (HGH) to stimulate muscle growth, reduce body fat, and enhance physical performance. Its chemical composition consists of 191 amino acid chains that mimic the natural peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is primarily used to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults and children, as well as to promote healing and tissue regeneration in athletes.


Each SOMA-MAX vial contains 10 IU (3.3mg) of the active ingredient synthetic somatotropin (HGH), along with 10mg of mannitol, 0.9% sodium chloride, and benzyl alcohol as a preservative.


SOMA-MAX is used for a wide range of medical and performance-enhancing purposes, including:

1. Treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults and children
2. Anti-aging and rejuvenation therapy
3. Improved athletic performance
4. Muscle growth and recovery
5. Increased bone density and strength
6. Fat loss and weight management
7. Enhanced immune system function
8. Improved cognitive function and memory

Usage and Dosage:

SOMA-MAX is administered via subcutaneous injection, typically in the thigh, buttocks, or abdominal area. The dosage depends on the purpose of use, age, weight, and other health factors. Generally, the recommended dose for adults is 0.01-0.1 mg per kg of body weight per day, divided into 2-3 injections. Children usually require less, based on age, weight, and medical condition. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider for proper dosing and administration instructions.

Storage Conditions:

SOMA-MAX should be stored in a refrigerated environment at 2-8°C, away from light and moisture. It should not be frozen or shaken. Before use, the vial should be inspected for any visible signs of damage or contamination.

Mechanism of Action:

SOMA-MAX works by stimulating the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which in turn promotes the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body. It also enhances protein synthesis and promotes the use of stored fat for energy, resulting in increased lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. Additionally, it promotes the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which plays a key role in maintaining healthy bones, organs, and tissues.


SOMA-MAX is not recommended for individuals with the following conditions:

1. Active malignancy or cancer
2. Acute critical illness or major surgery
3. Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the formula
4. Pregnancy or breastfeeding mothers

Side Effects:

SOMA-MAX is generally a safe and well-tolerated medication when used as directed. However, like any medication, it may cause some side effects, including:

1. Injection site reactions, such as pain, swelling, or redness
2. Headache and dizziness
3. Nausea and vomiting
4. Fluid retention and swelling in the hands and feet
5. Carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain
6. Blood sugar imbalances

In conclusion, SOMA-MAX is a powerful synthetic peptide that mimics the natural human growth hormone to promote muscle growth, reduce body fat, and enhance athletic performance. It is widely used in clinical and sports medicine settings to treat growth hormone deficiency and other medical conditions, as well as to improve physical appearance and athletic ability. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider for proper dosing and to monitor for any potential side effects or contraindications.

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103 reviews for Buy SOMA-MAX HGH 100IU Online

  1. JC Alvarez

    It works. Not miraculous and it takes a combination of things but you get results.

  2. Harry

    It’s really great.

  3. Hot Sauce

    This stuff is good for long term use. It’s gh . Over time your levels will go up. People that are trying to take it for a pre workout. Not what it’s intended for. I take a night stack along with Gaba to increase levels overnight then a morning stack of Mucuna and stuff that wakes me up and maybe a energy stack.

  4. Keith

    It works great

  5. johnette wilks


  6. Tim

    Great value for the price! I will definitely order this product again.

  7. Coach G

    to the best of my Knowledge it is woorking

  8. Hyman

    I had knee surgery and it Help me heal

  9. Regina Martinez

    It worked for me

  10. Stuart Martin

    High quality product

  11. Amanda Rodriguez

    Im a skeptic through and through. This stuff is good. I feel awesome. Im noticing mass in the gym. Waking up with hard ons.

  12. Joshua Yala

    Give this product a try!!

  13. Omid Farokh

    Beat quality of hgh in the market

  14. Jesse Burton

    I’ve used many different brands of hgh and this seems to be the highest quality in the market. This stuff really works. It cuts my recovery time after i workout and I’ve noticed a difference in my endurance and strength. No wonder why the Russian Olympic athletes used this stuff.

  15. Daniel

    Get Growing!

  16. Danielle

    I’ve ordered this product twice. Two things that I can personally contest to is the customer service of the company and the recovery time while on this product.

  17. Laura York

    Great Product

  18. Shyinne

    Delivery was fast & gain more height ⬆️👍🏽.

  19. Evan

    Arrived quickly

  20. lori covelli

    Worth it

  21. Ricky Dorsey


  22. M@ri@Ford

    So far so good

  23. Medrine Achando

    I liked the product. 5 ft and waiting to see how tall I will reach. My appetite has increased and am sleeping better and waking up energized.

  24. jungmok kim

    The results are slow obviously but I believe they are working.

  25. Heather

    Take it every day for six months for results

  26. doug hendricks

    awesome product

  27. Franke


  28. L. Flores

    Excellent product

  29. Jose Andres Barrio

    Good product

  30. frogger


  31. menghai767

    I notice good results in my growth for a while, every little but helps. Plus, it is safe and effective, so I do trust it and plan to buy more in future

  32. Slackerrae


  33. M-SF

    I don’t know if the soreness will come after during the day but right now I don’t feel anything, is like I’m ready to hit the gym again, I’m going back in an hour at 4am and never felt this ready to hit the gym for my morning work outs, I love this products, I’ll post another review and let you know how I felt trough out the day!! This may be the best purchase ever when it comes to working out!

  34. Derrick butler

    I’ve been using it for over 2 months now and use it. I feel it greatly reduces my soreness!

  35. Randolph Nunes

    Very pleased with the results. it does exactly as it states and for me at 66 most importantly the recovery aspect of it. By no means am I muscle head or cross fit type guy–just want to stay lean, toned and healthy.

  36. Lynsey Kelly

    Love the product so far

  37. toby johnson

    Will definitely be ordering in the future!

  38. Rabbit D

    Wow! At roughly two weeks of using this stuff, I started to notice a huge difference in how tired and torn up feeling I was at the end of a heavy strength training workout. Normally, I would feel demolished and very tired, but I started noticing that I was feeling a lot less so. Then, a few days ago, when I was doing a workout that included straight-up shoulder presses, something amazing happened. Not only did I feel like I d done hardly anything at the end of a workout that would have normally made me feel demolished, but I was able to lift much, much more weight than I normally would have been able to. Normally, doing the presses with two 40 lb. dumbbells would have been very heavy or too heavy for me, but it actually felt light! Now it still felt heavy in a way, and I didn t get a lot of reps, but the dumbbells still felt light, too. Then, at the end of the workout I did two sets with 50 lb. dumbbells! This would have been totally impossible a couple weeks before that! And just like with the 40 pounders, although in a way they felt heavy and I only got a few reps, they felt light at the same time! I was wondering if I would have a similar experience today, with a workout that included shoulder shrugs, and I sure did. Normally, using two 60 lb. dumbbells would be very heavy or too heavy, but it wasn t today. And then, I did a couple sets with 75 lb. dumbbells! UNREAL!! They weren t perfect reps, but they were decent. all I can think of is Wow!! Who knows where I will go from here? And I have the confidence of the soma-max s Brand s reputation for safety and quality. I am very excited! Wow! If you have a brain, it s a no-brainer! Thank you soma-max Brand! Also, you feel really good and energized after you take it, but more natural and healthy feeling than something like caffeine.

  39. jonathan

    Definitely Works!

  40. Peter Ricci

    Over the past ten years, I have tried everything under the sun designed for muscle gain. I typically use only one product at a time in order to be confident that the product works. I don’t want to overlap my supplements. With that said, I know this product works. There is a steady increase in muscle gain for my muscles to be more filled and abs to look CUT. I am witnessing fat being exchanged for muscle , I do not envision myself using anything else.

  41. etii

    I originally bought this product to step up my physic gains for a natural bikini competition , my husband tried it and now he was taken over it . We both love it ! I know it s not a preworkout but he loves the clarity and energy it gave him to lift and I loved the muscle growth . I got a 2% muscle growth in 1.5 weeks. I was doing weekly check ins and my numbers had hit a plateau before using soma-max . I ended up placing top 5 , three weeks before the competition I fell of track with the exercise regimen and meals due to my wedding and one of my bridesmaids wedding so things got very hectic , but I truly believe that the discipline prior and this supplement allowed me to place . I m getting ready to compete again and this is definitely a supplement I ll keep using.

  42. Gene in TX

    after trying it i cant believe how much this can help me do more of what i usually do. I was gonna return on the first few days after taking it since it was not really giving that much help in the beginning but the more days i take it the more i become leaner and more energized without keeping me up all night like other fat burner or something. I will give an update if I feel anymore changes in effect on me

  43. Andrew J Brandt

    At the time of this review I have been using this product for approximately 14 days. After about the third or fourth day is when I started to feel it really kick in. It definitely gave me a lot more endurance, strength, and lessened recovery time. I only take it on the days I weight train and not on off days. I am probably going to start taking it on my off days as well to see if I notice any difference.

  44. Richard A. Cohen

    This is my first muscle building supplement that I’ve tried, so take my review with caution. My gym partner and I both love this product. We’re both seeing great results and have been getting a great pump during our workouts. The taste is a bit strange at first (it’ll surprise you), but you get used to it. I feel like it helps out with pushing your limit harder and for longer periods of time. Definitely a recommended product overall.

  45. Shawn

    I can do more reps with heavier weight and have noticed more defined muscles after just 2 weeks.

  46. seymo

    I felt like I had a substantial muscle gain in only a week of use. It pretty much has to work!

  47. T.Charles

    As a pro natural bodybuilder, it is a must for me to have all cylinders firing at all times. Nutrition, training, sleep, recovery, and supplements. With everything tracked and regimented, I still look for ways to enhance my physique. The past month I have taken the soma-max and though I only gained about 3 lbs, I noticed that I also was able to appear leaner. The only difference in my life from the prior month aside from Christmas, was that this month I was supplementing with the soma-max. I highly recommend locking in your workout and nutrition, and supplementing with this product to see a noticeable difference in your physique!

  48. Scott Anderson

    Definitely see improvements in many areas of declining male /aging performance= gym, etc

  49. Charles De Mets

    A true game changer

  50. Jeff

    Thank you guys so much for offering a great product at a reasonable price. I feel the product helps me achieve greater performance in the gym and the bedroom. I look forward to continuing the use of this product.

  51. Carrie Heck

    Great product and I feel less bloated.

  52. Stephanie Hudson

    This Product Works!

  53. clamarama

    love it, i feel better

  54. Jim M

    Excellent Product

  55. anglinglegend

    Fast shipping. Great price. I will definetly stick with this.

  56. jerome bortoluzzi

    love it, i feel better, i have more energy and i get more out of my work out and speed up my recovery.

  57. jenny98

    exactly what I needed.

  58. Khaleesi

    Good product, does what it says it will, it works!

  59. James H Sr

    Works great!

  60. Nick

    I love this HGH. My cortisol levels are all over the place, and this DHEA really decreases my mood swings and improves my focus. It makes me feel like a boss. Added bonus: My libido is through the roof

  61. Michael S. Johnston

    I do think they are helping to boost the effectiveness of my weight lifting. I have seen more rapid development of a more “cut” look in my muscles.

  62. Christian Cullen

    Amazing product noticed instantly that I was feelih better. No down side to these at all been getting stronger and losing fat and its great would buy again.

  63. zooala

    Good price fast shipping

  64. William H. Banks

    Good product

  65. C. Heartwell

    Since I have been taking SOMA MAX, I found I have had more energy, and have had less fatigue.

  66. BGoose

    Easy to use product.

  67. Pedro Cantu

    Great Product!

  68. Fabrice Larose

    I noticed more energy and an increase in my labido in about 4 days really great product!!!!

  69. Scott

    It works

  70. Jose

    Low energy and joint pain and now I feel like 20 years younger!

  71. Justin destro wheeler

    I feel wirh more energy, i feel younger, I have the energy to lift weights

  72. GMak

    Great product

  73. Chandler S.

    It helped boost my Testosterone level by 26 points

  74. Heater

    Happy Customer!

  75. Melissa

    Great results!

  76. Kristian Chavez

    Value for price

  77. Ian kohl

    Good quality

  78. Jeff Olson

    Amazing Product.

  79. Gwenn

    Us this product as a recovery tool as this is what it seems to be good at, I do feel it played a role with holding my strength

  80. Cody L

    Great product. Fast delivery.

  81. Bradly Walker


  82. RT


  83. Kevin White

    Thanks it works great for our son

  84. CB

    Great product. Fast shipping. What else could I ask for.

  85. Sentinel

    Supposed to be good, I can’t wait to see the results. Been only taking it for 2 days.

  86. John Faughnan

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

  87. Jamie L

    Most excellent muscle pain relief

  88. Blair Lahola

    Great hgh

  89. B Nunes

    Good results

  90. Penny O.

    Excellent product

  91. John Scheel

    Love this stuff.

  92. ButterflyEffect

    Awesome soma-max

  93. beverly wolf

    Great product

  94. sonic mom

    Health & Stamina

  95. Kara R.

    I decided to try this because of the rave reviews. I’ve been using it for a week now and have noticed extra boost / energy for those extra reps and sets. Also feel that blood rush in body parts being worked. Have already recommended it to friends.

  96. Special K

    you are going to feel like your veins are exploding excellent product.

  97. GadgetGeek

    This product works! I had great pumps and more strength after the first dose and they just got better and better the more I took them. Definitely will be trying this again. I felt stronger and my recovery time in between sets seem to improve. I can’t wait to try more of their products.

  98. Montresa G.

    Being in the lifting game for a long time I’ve had the opportunity to try out a lot supplements. While some were good and some were bad, I’d say that soma-max has a very good product! I’ve been on it for a while now and the results are amazing. So if you’re looking for a good hgh, I’d say give it a try you might be surprised.

  99. A.P.

    Every dose thereafter worked to get my blood flowing coupled with good pumps which lasted long after the WOs. I recommend, great product, nice price!

  100. Comfortably Numb

    Health & Stamina

  101. Drew

    Great product just recently got back into body building after a long time being lazy. Dropped 45 lbs then started supplements and bulking, soma-max has helped my workouts giving me extra energy to go harder longer. Giving me big gains and helping me push through my 1.5 hrs 5 days on 2 days off with 3 hours of heavy cardio. it’s been a great addition to my regiment…

  102. Jacient Winfield

    This product met an exceeded my expectations with supporting my work out stamina and improved my circulation. I also like the health benefits that it provides to assisting in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

  103. Betsy

    The product works great. It really hits me when I start getting tired and I love the boost. First twenty min of class is more like warming up and exercises seem to be easy. Anyways I love it so far and will be buying more.

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