Fliban 100 is a medication used to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women. The active substance in Fliban 100 is Flibanserin, which works by affecting the levels of certain chemicals in the brain that play a role in sexual desire. Fliban 100 comes in the form of four pills, each containing 100mg of Flibanserin.

Fliban 100 is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, a well-known pharmaceutical company that is known for producing high-quality medications. The company has a strong reputation for using cutting-edge research and development techniques to produce safe and effective medications.

Fliban 100 is intended for use in women who have been diagnosed with HSDD, a condition characterized by a persistent lack of sexual desire that causes distress or problems in their relationships. Flibanserin works by affecting the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically serotonin and dopamine. It is taken orally, with or without food, at bedtime. The effects of Fliban 100 are usually felt within four weeks of starting treatment, although it may take up to eight weeks to see full benefits.

It is important to note that Fliban 100 is not a quick-fix solution for sexual dysfunction, but rather a long-term treatment that requires commitment and patience. It is also not recommended for use in women who have gone through menopause or in men, as it has not been proven effective for these populations.

If you are a woman experiencing HSDD, Fliban 100 may be an effective treatment option for you. With its proven track record of success, convenient pack size, and trusted manufacturer, Fliban 100 has become a popular choice for women looking to improve their sexual desire and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. So why wait? Talk to your healthcare provider today to learn more about this innovative medication and start experiencing the benefits of Fliban 100 for yourself!


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