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Brand Cipla
Substance Letrozole
Package 2.5mg (10 pills)


Introducing FEMPRO 2.5mg, the ultimate solution for women with breast cancer. This powerful medication is designed to specifically target and treat breast cancer in women who have gone through menopause. FEMPRO 2.5mg is a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients that work together to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

FEMPRO 2.5mg is formulated with Letrozole, a powerful aromatase inhibitor that works by blocking the production of estrogen in the body. Since estrogen can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells, reducing its production can help to prevent the spread of cancer.

In addition to its cancer-fighting properties, FEMPRO 2.5mg also offers a range of benefits for women who have gone through menopause. Letrozole can help to reduce symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, and other common menopausal symptoms.

FEMPRO 2.5mg is easy to use and can be taken daily as part of your regular cancer treatment regimen. Simply take one tablet per day, and experience the benefits of this powerful medication for yourself.

Whether you’re looking to prevent the spread of breast cancer or reduce symptoms of menopause, FEMPRO 2.5mg is the perfect solution for women who have gone through menopause. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!


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