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Belotero Volume Lidocaine (1ml) is an innovative injectable developed by Merz Pharmaceuticals, a reputable cosmetic beauty products manufacturer. The filler stands out from other options due to its high-quality ingredients of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and lidocaine for pain relief. Additionally, the innovative Cohesive Polydensified Matrix gives Belotero Volume a smoother and denser effect, ensuring the gel with hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles and creases perfectly while boosting facial volume.

This unique formula makes Belotero Volume ideal for individuals over the age of 40 seeking a volumizing effect on their appearance while hydrating connective tissues. If you’d like to buy Belotero fillers online, you may do so by placing an order now or contacting customer support later.

After a successful treatment session, the first visible results should appear in approximately one or two days. The duration of the treatment can last from nine to twelve months, depending on various factors such as crease depth, overall health, and environmental conditions. It is essential to choose an experienced medical professional for the procedure to be safe and successful, as in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and filler administration techniques is necessary.

Areas where injectable treatment can be used

Belotero Volume Lidocaine, available in both therapeutic and aesthetic markets in Europe and North America, offers a range of benefits for patients seeking injectable treatments. This particular Belotero filler can be used to achieve the following outcomes:

– Restore volume in the chin, cheeks, and temples.
– Smooth out superficial wrinkles.
– Reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles in the dermis, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and frown lines.
– Enhance facial contours for a natural and rejuvenated appearance.
– Perfect the shape of the lips and restore volume in this area.

While Belotero Volume Lidocaine contains lidocaine for pain relief, some patients with low pain tolerance may still require a topical numbing cream prior to the injection of the filler for added comfort.

Constraints of Belotero Volume Lidocaine

Belotero Volume with lidocaine comprises of completely safe components, but some individuals should avoid this brand of dermal fillers due to specific contraindications listed below –

– Allergic reactions to any of the ingredients of Belotero filler
– Skin damage or irritation in the area of treatment
– Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus, oncology, etc.
– Blood-clotting disorders
– Recently received cosmetic treatments like Botox injections or chemical peels
– Poor overall health including flu-like symptoms, weakness, and fever
– Age below 18 years
– Pregnancy or lactation phase in women

If any skin irritations persist or any of the contraindications apply to you, there are alternative solutions available for enhancing your appearance.

Prepare for Possible Negative Reactions

As previously mentioned, Belotero Volume is a reliable option for restoring volume loss naturally. Its remarkable properties include hydrating connective tissues and reducing wrinkles. However, it is essential to prepare for potential adverse reactions that are common with facial rejuvenation procedures such as this, including:

– Reactivity and redness at the injection site
– Bruising in the area of filler application
– Increased sensitivity in the treated area

With adequate care, these irritations usually subside within a day or two without causing complications. In case of severe adverse reactions, such as blurred vision, allergic reactions, swollen throat or tongue, sensations of pain, or excessive filler migration, medical attention might be required. Let’s explore some special aftercare tips that can accelerate the recovery process.

Utilize Aftercare Suggestions to Enhance the Recovery Process

The below-listed suggestions for aftercare are universally applicable to any patient and do not need to be evaluated by a medical professional. Nevertheless, we still recommend consulting with a physician for personalized guidance; every patient’s case is unique and may warrant a tailored aftercare regimen. Here are the key recommendations:

– To alleviate swelling, apply ice to the injection site (not directly onto the skin; wrap ice cubes in a cloth before gently holding them near the affected area).
– Refrain from taking medications that thin the blood a week before and after treatment.
– Avoid going to overheated places, such as steam rooms or hot showers.
– Refrain from rubbing the injection spot to prevent filler migration beneath the skin.
– Always apply sunscreen before heading outside and avoid prolonged sun exposure.
– Refrain from going to the gym for several days to reduce the risk of swelling and filler migration.
– Try sleeping on your back instead of your face (a special cushion can be used to maintain this position).


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